These Fierce Disney Females Are More Empowering Than You Think

We’re used to hearing that Disney and their princesses are not a good influence on young girls growing up. People have argued that they only care about falling in love with a man, they aren’t diverse enough, and that they don’t serve as good role models for children. Well, we’re here to say that’s wrong. Yes, we’ll admit that some Disney princesses are a reflection of their time. Don’t forget that they released Snow White in 1937.

Disney has worked tirelessly to bring their princesses into the 21st century, and we think it’s worked. If you look at it carefully, you’ll realize these Disney princesses are more empowering than you ever imagined, and you’ll be happy to see your child looking up to them one day. These princesses work in STEM fields, love books, and wear pants.

Ariel Is The Only Disney Mom

People like to focus on the fact that Ariel left one man (her father) for another. She even went so far as to get on the wrong side of an evil sea witch to get her man. People also forget that she is the only Disney princess who becomes a mother.

Walt Disney Pictures / MovieStillsDB
Walt Disney Pictures / MovieStillsDB

Criticize her all you want, but motherhood is a big part of many women’s lives, and Ariel is representing. Ariel raises her twelve-year-old daughter Melody and inspires her to reunite the mer-people and humans.