Things You Don’t Know About The Cast Of Howdy Doody

Howdy Had a Stunt Double

TV-Howdy Doody Marathon
AP Photo/James P. Kerlin, File
AP Photo/James P. Kerlin, File

Multiple times the team tried to replicate Howdy in order to preserve him, but no puppet ever resembled Howdy closely enough. Children were brought into test groups where they were asked if they could tell which puppet was the real Howdy.

They always could, but there was a puppet that resembled Howdy enough to be used as a stunt double for scenes that might cause some wear and tear or for far-off shots. From a distance, the children didn’t notice his higher cheekbones and brighter eyes. That puppet’s name became Double Doody. At the closing of the show, Double Doody was sold for $100,000 and laid to rest at the Smithsonian Institution.