Tom Holland Breaks Silence, Says New Spider-Man Will Be ‘Very Different’

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Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The dust has settled. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will no longer have Tom Holland swinging around in their films, barring some unexpected new agreement between Disney and Sony. When the news first came out, fans were livid. Holland even went as far as to unfollow Sony on Instagram.

To be fair, the first deal made between Disney and Sony wasn’t meant to last forever. With Disney receiving only 5% of first-dollar gross, you can imagine they would eventually want more, especially after Spider-Man: Far From Home brought in over a billion worldwide. Reports of the two parties trying to strike a new deal leaked and it revolved around Disney asking for half, as opposed to the 5%.

Later reports reveal that the Mickey Mouse business merely asked for 25%, not half. Still, Sony wasn’t thrilled, and the two decided they would no longer share the web-slinger on the big screen. Even Avengers co-star Jeremy Renner took to Instagram to address the issue. He posted a picture with the caption: “Hey @sonypictures, we want Spider-Man back to @therealstanlee and @marvel please, thank you.”

Nearly a week after all the online feuds and rumors, Holland finally opened up about the whole thing.

During the Keystone Comic-Con in Philadelphia, Holland revealed some exciting information. “We sat down with some of our creatives. We pitched Spider-Man 3, which is going to be something very special, it’s going to be something very different,” Holland said. Marvel president Kevin Feige added some words as well. “In terms of your question about going forward, it’ll be fun to see Spidey back in his element, out of the shadow of Tony, out of the shadow of the other Avengers, as his own man now, as his own hero,” Feige said.

Spidey first made his MCU appearance in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War and he would go on to make four other appearances in that universe. Seeing him without his other Marvel pals might take some getting used to.