Trendchaser’s Weekly Roundup 03/03/17

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to this week’s roundup of Trendchaser’s top stories for the past few days. Here’s what you missed:


National Barbie Day is coming on March 9! How will you celebrate? Here, take a look at Barbie’s history, learn about some of the most popular (and weirdest) Barbie dolls ever released, and meet some people who are reaaaaaallllly into collecting the dolls.


This story of twin girls who were separated at birth will fascinate you. Their destiny to remain together was just too strong for their early circumstances.


Ready for a laugh? Reddit users were asked to Photoshop a hilarious photo of a squirrel in a “superhero” pose, and the results are fan-tas-tic!


If you’re looking for a great movie to watch this weekend, we’ve got your back. Presenting: the greatest must-see cult classic films. You’re welcome.


We’ve got a couple of treats for you in honor of National Puppy Day, which falls later this month. First: a silly compilation of puppy fails that will leave you howling with laughter.


Also, here’s an uplifting look at abandoned and abused animals that overcame the odds and now have happy homes (and some of them even have jobs!)

mily way.jpg

Even if you’re not a science buff, you’ve probably heard this huge news: scientists have discovered a solar system that’s capable of supporting alien life. Cue the X-Files music.


And in memoriam, Trendchaser took a look back at the celebrities who died young. These stars were tragically taken from us way too soon.