Turning Back Time: Best Films Of 2019

With 2020 not turning out to be a wash of a year for film releases, let’s travel back in time to a year full of outstanding movies. In 2019, many theatrical, Netflix, and other streaming service releases were making headlines and catching the eyes of critics.

Last year, cinema fans watched award-winning films such as Parasite, Joker, and Little Women, while mystery movies such as Knives Out left them wanting more. There are also some films people might have forgotten about, so keep scrolling!

Knives Out

Rian Johnson also directed a film with an ensemble cast, with the likes of Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer, Chris Evans, and the up-and-coming Ana de Armas, among more. Knives Out was the 2019 murder mystery film no one really saw coming but were very happy it did.


The film was put on numerous “Top Movies of 2019” lists, including Time magazine and the American Film Institute. Right so, too, since it brings the intrigue of 1970s murder mysteries into modern-day cinema — not an easy feat!