Sci-Fi Spinoff: Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From The Bionic Woman

The Bionic Woman was a popular TV series that debuted in 1976. The show focused on a woman named Jaime Sommers with bionic superpowers. She was part cyborg and part gorgeous female lead, and though the show was short-lived, it was still rather popular among its cult-like viewer following.

The show was only on for three seasons, 1976-1978, but that didn’t stop it from amassing its own interesting secrets and facts that many viewers may have missed. Here are some interesting facts about The Bionic Woman that you might not know about.

The Six Million Dollar Man Helped Lindsay Wagner Get Her Own Show


Lindsay Wagner played a role on The Six Million Dollar Man which was supposed to be her last role with Universal. However, the show was so popular and did so well that the executives of universal decided that she should have her own series and The Bionic Woman was created specifically for her character.