Behind The Scenes Of The TV Sitcom Family Affair

In 1971, Family Affair reached its fifth anniversary before being canceled without an apparent reason. The popular story that followed three orphans who lived with their uncle and butler inspired thousands of people. After the show ended unexpectedly, some people wondered what had happened to cause its cancelation

You might be surprised by some behind-the-scenes facts about the show. For example, the actors hardly ever had to work, and a few of them even took other roles. Read on to learn what really happened on the set of Family Affair.

The Writers Made The Show As Realistic As Possible

The writers of Family Affair wanted to keep the show as realistic as possible. For instance, the creators hired the President of the National Society of Professional Engineers to teach proper engineering lingo. They ensured that Uncle Bill used correct engineering terms while talking.

A scene shows the cast from Family Affair.
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Kathy Garver, who played Cissy, said on Fox News that CBS wasn’t fond of this realism. “Our sitcom was a dramedy,” she said, “and they wanted something like All in the Family.” Although it was unique at the time, realism may have contributed to the show’s cancelation.