TV Show Spinoff Ideas To Satisfy The Soul

What makes a great TV show? Is it the plot, the humor, or the suspense? Those factors play a part, but without great characters, a series is nothing. While the star tends to carry the load, supporting roles are also vital for various reasons. From Family Guy to Game of Thrones, there’s at least one person other than the lead that fans would love to watch consistently. That’s where spinoffs come into play, and there are some fabulous ones out there. Showrunners might think they’ve chosen correctly when it comes to this, but we’re here to show you the most deserving of a spinoff.

Cristina Yang – Grey’s Anatomy


We’ve already witnessed what happens when you make Sandra Oh the lead in a series. Lots of awards come her way because she’s an incredibly talented actress who should convince Shonda Rhimes to give her a spinoff.

Fans thought Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey would stick it out until the end, but Yang had to move on from Seattle. A show detailing Yang’s life post-Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital would be a dream come true for all the Grey’s enthusiasts. Make it happen, Rhimes.