Two Actors, One Character: This Is Who Played The Role Better According To Fans

When it comes to Hollywood films, there are a lot of remakes, meaning two or more actors are going to have the chance to play the same character. In some instances, the role is iconic, so fans won’t give the new actor a shot at playing them, such as Gene Wilder vs. Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka.

Then, there are other times, when the new actor knocks the character out of the park. Tobey Maguire vs. Tom Holland as Spiderman, anyone? Either way, studios have learned they can’t make everyone happy. But, according to fan accounts and polls, some actors played their roles better than the other.

Pierce Brosnan Vs. Daniel Craig — James Bond

007 is a character that has been played by many different actors, with two of the most recent being Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. While fans of the James Bond franchise tend to agree that each actor brings something different and special to the role, that doesn’t mean both actors are created equal in the eyes of fans.

Pierce Brosnan Vs. Daniel Craig -- James Bond
United Artists; Sony Pictures
United Artists; Sony Pictures

According to an IMDb poll consisting of 2,253 votes, neither won the “top James Bond actor” spot! It seems as though fans actually prefer Sean Connery over both Brosnan and Craig, with 805 votes. Craig came in second with 648 votes.