Vampire or Werewolf? Find Out What Twilight Character You Are

Summit Entertainment / Lionsgate / Moviestillsdb
Summit Entertainment / Lionsgate / Moviestillsdb

The original Twilight film may have been released over ten years ago (in 2008!), and the books even earlier than that, but it hasn’t stopped the franchise from making an insane comeback on social media in the last couple of years. To be fair, the Team Jacob vs. Team Edward debate never really died, but it’s picking up steam with a new generation of viewers. You don’t have to look further than TikTok to see that the Twi-hards are still die-hards.

If you know your vampires and werewolves but have never been sure where you’d fit in, you’re in the right place. Answer the following questions honestly to find out which Twilight character you have the most in common with!

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