What Working From Home Looks Like For Some Talk Show Hosts And Other TV Personalities

This is a time when people are being asked to stay home and socially distance themselves from others. However, for many television hosts and TV personalities, the show must go on. While many of these hosts are used to working with fancy equipment in comfortable studios, some decided to set up makeshift studios at home in order to limit their interactions with others. These top TV personalities still manage to take care of business with help from Zoom calls and equipment they either own or borrowed from the studio. Take a look at these TV hosts in the privacy of their own in-home studios!

Jimmy Fallon’s Wife Taped His First “At Home” Episode

After The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was suspended due to coronavirus, the host delivered his first “At Home” monologue. “What we’re doing right now — I’m in a room in my house. My camera operator is my wife,” he said.

Pictures of Jimmy Fallon

Fallon continued to get personal, introducing his wife Nancy, his dog Gary, and his daughter Franny to the public before beginning his monologue. He then encouraged his viewers to donate to Feeding America and announced that he would be featuring a new charity for every episode.