7 Unusual Museums Around the World

Do you like to travel? Enjoy staying off the beaten path? Large and well-known museums are always fun, but sometimes scoping out the smaller, less famous ones can be more rewarding. At the very least, photos you take in these bizarre and unusual museums will make your Instagram profile more interesting!

Whatever your interest, there’s a museum out there for you.

7. Pig Museum, Stuttgart Germany

Yes, a Pig Museum. This one features more than 50,000 pig-related artifacts organized into 25 thematic rooms. Lovers of swinish art, kitsch and culture will enjoy a visit to the pig museum, housed in Stuttgart’s former slaughterhouse. The site also boasts a beer garden and a restaurant.

Pig Museum

6. The Hammer Museum, Haines Alaska

For folks interested in the history of tools (specifically, hammers), this museum is a must-visit. From sculptures of hammers to a history of hickory hammer handle making (say that three times fast), the Hammer Museum also sells souvenir hammers so visitors can bring a little bit of the fun back home after their stay.


5. Center for Puppetry Arts Atlanta, Georgia

You either love puppets or you don’t. If you do, there is no finer collection of puppets and puppeteering resources than at this facility, which features many original Muppets, performances, and other special events.

Small Puppets.jpg

4. The Quittapahilla Creek Garbage Museum, Annville Pennsylvania

This unusual museum was founded with the goal of raising awareness of the rubbish polluting the creeks and streams in south-central Pennsylvania. It currently boasts about 500 plastic garbage artifacts of many shapes and colors – from doll’s heads to toy guns, combs, lighters, bottles and an array of other items. Each artifact was cleaned, strung on fishing line and hung on a series of hickory posts.

garbage-museum small.jpg

3. Museum of Bad Art, Somerville Massachusetts

The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) is the world’s only museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms. Initially, MOBA was housed in the basement of a private home in Boston. The exhibition space has since expanded, presumably due to the sheer quantity of bad art out there.


2. The Sex Museum, Amsterdam Netherlands

This is the world’s first and oldest sex museum, called the “Venustempel” in Amsterdam. A leading museum on the theme of sensual love with an extensive collection of erotic pictures, paintings, objects, recordings, photographs and attractions. Sex Through the Ages and Passionate Appetites are just two of the museum’s exhibits.


1. The Mütter Museum, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Definitely the creepiest museum on this list, the Mütter Museum displays its beautifully preserved collections of anatomical specimens, models, and medical instruments in a 19th-century “cabinet museum” setting. The museum helps the public understand the mysteries and beauty of the human body and to appreciate the history of diagnosis and treatment of disease. Featuring Einstein’s brain and an extensive skull collection, the museum receives over 130,000 visitors a year.