The 7 Most Annoying Things You Do At Restaurants

Working in a restaurant definitely has its perks: scheduling flexibility, fun co-workers, the potential to make big tips.

But dealing with customers can be a real pain in the you-know-what.

A recent survey of restaurant employees has revealed customers’ top annoying habits. Are you guilty of any of these?


7. Paying more attention to their cellphones than to the people they’re eating with. Even worse: many folks try and talk on their phone while ordering their meals. Put the phones down, people!


6. Faking food allergies. Though many people have serious food allergies, it’s become common for restaurant patrons to use the term “allergy” to indicate a distaste for a particular food.


5. Bad table manners. Talking with mouths full of food, licking fingers, talking too loudly: all of these habits are both annoying and disgusting.


4. Letting children run wild. This goes along with bad manners, but it seems that more parents allow their kids to roam freely through a restaurant during dinner. This is not just annoying to fellow diners, it can be dangerous to waiters who are trying to navigate crowded aisles with massive trays of hot food. Keep your children under control or leave them at home with a sitter.


3. Not respecting reservations. If a restaurant holds a table for someone who arrives late (or worse — doesn’t show at all), that is real money lost. The practice of online reservations has exacerbated the problem, since some unscrupulous customers book tables at many restaurants for the same time, and decide later which place they’ll actually dine at.


2. Giving unwarranted negative online reviews. If you’ve brought your complaint to the attention of a restaurant employee and the situation wasn’t resolved to your liking, you may have a case. But many customers these days don’t even give restaurants a chance to redeem themselves before rushing to social media with a scathing review. Those bad reviews can really affect a restaurant’s business!

Petty complaints are frowned upon too. Just because an establishment doesn’t offer a particular food or beverage you like is not reason enough to ruin their online reputation.


1. And bad habit number one? Not tipping, or not tipping enough. If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat out. Do everyone a favor and stay at home.