That’ll Do: Fun Facts About The Movie Babe

Babe captured the hearts of people the world over when it was released in 1995. Although fans of writer Dick King-Smith might have been familiar with the story of the little pig that did good, Chris Noonan and George Miller brought it to a worldwide audience.

Suddenly, everyone was obsessed with the little pink fella and couldn’t get enough of him. Even now, 25 years later, Babe continues to capture the hearts of people across the globe. Let’s take a look at some fun facts surrounding the movie and its cast and crew. You may well be surprised! That’ll do. That’ll do.

They Used A Robot Pig

Babe robot
Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

When you use animals in movies, they don’t just all line up and do exactly what they’re told when they’re told. That would be the ideal reality, but every single famous animal has a trainer. In the case of Babe, it was Karl Lewis Miller. Often, he hid just out of shot to keep the piglets in line.

When the wide-angle shot meant that Miller couldn’t be in the shot as he would be noticed, the crew had no choice but to use an animatronic pig instead. This was only possible on large shots, otherwise, it would’ve been too obvious to viewers.