Grab Some Tissues For These Sad Movie Moments No One Saw Coming

Some movies are sad, it’s just inevitable. But viewers are typically prepped for the emotional strain of those films before walking into the theater or turning on a streaming service. What people aren’t ready for are the heartbreaking moments they never see coming, like the surprise deaths or even a monologue that seemed very out of sorts for a character.

Sad moments in movies have a way of tugging on our heartstrings. Warning: the upcoming list may contain tear-inducing spoilers.

E.T. Leaving His Friends And Going Back Home

E.T. Finally Going Back Home
Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

Considering E.T. is a creepy little alien puppet, it’s strange to think people got emotional over his departure back to his, you know, actual home. But we did, and we’re not sorry for shedding a few tears when he left in a spaceship, leaving his best friend behind.

We know, we know, if E.T. stayed then he and Elliott would have been experimented on by weird government agencies. But that doesn’t mean we have to like the fact that he up and left after an epic bike ride back to the hilltop where his alien friends were waiting.