20+ Secrets Fast Food Workers Won’t Tell You About Your Food

Some people may enjoy fast food, but there’s a certain mystery about how the food is prepared that is really only known to the people preparing it. What we do know is that the food is cooked in a very fast manner and then served for you to devour. What happens between the time the order is placed and put in your bag is unknown — until now.

Former fast food service workers have come forward to discuss the secrets behind making your favorite fast food, and some of these truths are a little hard to digest. Even if you have a solid stomach.

The Grill Marks Are All An Illusion

Marius Becker/picture alliance via Getty Images
Marius Becker/picture alliance via Getty Images

You know in those fast food commercials it shows your burger being grilled to perfection complete with grill marks? Well, as it turns out, those grill marks that you see on the burger aren’t made by the grill.

According to a former employee, those grill marks are etched on by a factory before the burgers are shipped out. That allows the employees to cook the meat on an ultra hot stove top rather than an actual grill.