Behind The Kitchen Door: Delicious Secrets Of In-N-Out

In-N-Out Heirs Worked in the Back

Mark Sullivan/Getty Images
Mark Sullivan/Getty Images

The Snyders, Harry and Esther, were definitely very serious about keeping their family humble even amongst their tremendous success. They made their sons, Guy and Rich, do work like everyone else at starting at the company. They believed that placing them doing entry-level work would prevent them from being spoiled.

Guy’s daughter Lynsi, who is now the owner of the entire company, also had her first job working in the kitchen. Orange Coast Magazine reported, “She started out like everyone else in prep work, coring tomatoes, peeling potatoes, and slicing onions. ‘Of course, I would cry every time,’ she laughed. ‘I was really excited to work there, because it was the family business. It was fun, and I thought it would make my dad happy.’” After her father’s death, she is now the sole owner of the company, which she inherited at age 24.