Behind The Kitchen Door: Delicious Secrets Of In-N-Out

In-N-out is known for treating their employees really well. All employees start work at $10.50 per hour, and according to those who work there, it is easy to quickly move up and make more money. Even more impressive is that all managers start at $100,000 salaries, plus bonuses. Lynsi Snyder is the president of In-N-Out. The 35-year-old has taken the family business to new levels while staying true to her grandparents’ vision. Here’s what you don’t know about one of the most popular burger businesses around.

They Treat Employees Really Well

Employees smile for a photo at In n Out.
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The Snyder family, the founders of In-N-Out, always make it the utmost point to treat their employees with respect and hold them in high esteem. The chain also refers to them as ‘associates’, to give them a feeling of ownership for the restaurant.

Reportedly, the benefits package is also very generous, especially when compared to the offerings of other fast food chain employers. In-N-Out was even ranked above one of the biggest tech companies on the planet for ‘best place to work,’ as you’ll read later.