Don’t Miss This: TGI Friday Employee Confessions

TGI Fridays is a classic restaurant known for great bartending, among other things. You may have thought you knew everything about this place if it was your favorite restaurant. That may not be the case, however, which you’ll realize after you read this list. Check out what some anonymous employees of TGI Fridays have to say about what it is like to work at TGI Fridays; you must get the full scoop

You never know, that food you ordered may not be as fresh as you thought. You thought those managers were sweet people? think again. There are some positives and negatives that encompass this list and you won’t believe them.

Same Thing, Different Day

Sometimes you want (or expect) some freedom in the workplace. You crave the ability to do things a bit freely. Sure, being mandated to do something a certain way is often required, but can we at least add some of our own flavors to some things? The servers and hostess at Fridays work in a robotic manner, it seems.

An employee revealed, “Corporate makes you recite the same spiel to every table like a robot so not as much freedom to express yourself as a server.” If you are a person who enjoys a system, then that could be good for you.

Bad Tipping

People in the service industry know this: the tips you receive really help your monthly income. That is why at restaurants waiters and waitresses always try their hardest to make you feel comfortable and are as personable as they can be. They are trying to win over your heart so you help fill their pockets. And there is nothing wrong with that because that’s the system we have.

The only problem here is that some people have revealed that they do not get tipped very well working for Fridays. “It’s not uncommon for people to leave a mediocre tip for good service or leave no tip at all.” Tough luck if you needed tips on a certain night.

Profits Are More Important Than People

“The Bistro Group that owns this franchise puts profits ahead of people. Managers are treated badly.” Managers might start a revolution soon if this keeps up, look out!

You know it is bad when managers complain and they are in charge of the place. Profit over people is the name of the game here and that is the case with Fridays, a business more concerned with what they are earning instead of the people that work for them. Employee satisfaction must not be that great. Conversely, there are companies that can do both. Treat employees great and still make high profits.

Managers Are Sneaky

“Sometimes management clocks you out without telling you.” Well, that is not fair to them to do at all. As a matter of fact, wouldn’t that be illegal? How they get away with that is appalling. When greed is present, crazy things happen.

Would you work for free? Would you want to be cheated out of valuable hours for your upcoming paycheck? Assuming the answer to both of those questions is no, then you are going to hate what comes next. Maybe due to pressure from owners, management is forced into this position but it still does not make it right.

Those Tasty Skins

1974 was the year Fridays introduced the yummy potato skins. Since then, they have only gotten more and more popular. It would be pretty unbelievable to meet a person who did not enjoy these appetizers. One year they sold a huge amount of potato skins.

In 2010, they sold enough that if you placed the skins in a line they would be able to make it from Texas to Anchorage. That is a pretty long distance for these small treats. It just shows how popular they are and how great of an idea it was for Fridays to get them out to the public.

Is That Even Fresh?

“NOTHING is made from scratch anymore. Even the ribs are frozen and pre-cooked.” We aren’t sure how normal that is for restaurants, but it can’t that out of the norm in the dining business. It is gross, though.

You would think at a restaurant that the food would be made from scratch. If it isn’t a fast food place, everything should be made with fresh products. Right? Well, one employee revealed an interesting development about Fridays. It shouldn’t change the way you view the restaurant, but it does have the possibility of changing how often you go dine there.

One Location Hired Based on Race

You can decipher this incident whichever way you want to take it, but it all took place in New York City. A Fridays was closing down and moving to another location just a block away from the previous location. When the new one opened, only one black staff member was kept and the rest were replaced with Hispanic workers.

A manager of the restaurant claimed that he chose the Hispanics because they work harder. Managers also claimed the old location was the “black Fridays” and they wanted to not be associated with that reputation anymore. A lawsuit was filed by the old workers.

Are You Even Sober?

According to a former employee, it was said that “no one was ever sober.” Now that is not exactly what you want hear because these people handle your food. And when you are under the influence, you are not fully aware of all your actions.

This revealing secret might put a damper on how you perceive the people who serve you. Have you ever been to work with a hangover? Maybe so maybe not, but for those who have, know it is not easy to do. Well, imagine being at work not sober. Have you ever done that?

Behind the Scenes Management Is…Not Great

“The people running this place are very unprofessional behind the scenes and very rude to their employees!” That is what was said about those who run the place. Now it may not be like that at every location, but it very well could be.

As you read earlier, being a manager is like being a piece of meat for this company. Owners only care about making money and don’t care about their employees. That mentality most likely trickles down to the managers so the managers treat their subordinates with little to no respect. When you need to make money for yourself, you probably tolerate a little more than you should.

You Can Get Promoted Quick

“Very fast promotions hosts usually become servers after a month it took me six months to go from server to bartender.” Well, that anonymous employee must have been ecstatic. A promotion in six months is quicker than you might think. It could as long as a few years before most people step up.

If you are looking for a place to get ahead in a jiffy then this is your job. Getting a promotion to a better position is something many employees look for while others are content with where they are at. At Fridays, you may be promoted faster than you think.

Your Stats Are Up for Display


“Your sales numbers are posted on a community wall for all employees to see, it can be a bit shaming.” If you are having an off week then everyone is going to know it. On the other hand, if you are doing great you will be recognized.

Are you motivated by statistics are you are afraid of them? If you are the type of employee that just keeps their head down and only focuses on getting their job done then this surprising detail might shock you if you were interested in working at Fridays. The corporation has goals to meet so that means you do, too.

You Are Taught to Wow

Do you have that wow factor? Well, if you do not then you will be taught it while working at Fridays. Wowing customers gives them more of an incentive to come back at a later time and bring others so they too can see the wow factor going around in the place.

“Employees were taught to WOW the guest, by doing things to make the guest think, ‘Wow, you didn’t have to do that, but I’m sure glad you did’.” It sounds like a great time for the customers, but how difficult is it for employees to get down the wow technique.

Word of Mouth

Of course, there are two sides of the business when you talk about restaurants. There’s the side that just handles the dinner and then there is the corporate side. The corporate side is where all the big business goes down and the executive decisions are made. Getting a position there is not an easy task. And the top positions are aquired, often, through word of mouth.

“As for executive recruiting, the restaurant industry is small and we track top talent. I’d say that about 95 percent of executive-level position [candidates] comes from word of mouth and relationships.” It’s about who you know in this circumstance so you better get to networking if you want to be in a corporate position.

The Interview Involves Role-Play

“We [engage in] role-play so we can evaluate how they respond to a myriad of issues on their feet. We want to see how they respond under pressure and their ability to make a quick decision.” Be sure you prepare for this aspect!

Now here is the juicy stuff to actually help you land a job here if that is what you want. Most interviews are different in the ways in which they are conducted and one is no different in that respect. At TGI Fridays, they employ a role-playing tactic. Many other places do the same.

Clique up

“Servers like to have cliques.” This could also be due to the servers wanting to be closer so that they can have each others’ backs. If one person needs a shift to be covered they can ask without fear of stepping on someone’s toes.

Maybe this is not an uncommon thing, but we’re sure it doesn’t happen at every workplace. The trend that certain people link together could be because of several things. Some people could be in the same department and just naturally come together because of the commonality involved. Whatever the case, you can’t put it past an establishment to be in this situation.

They Have a High Turnover

“High turnover for both hourly and salaried employees. New managers every few months means that the store is never working as efficiently as it could and most people don’t care, making it a hard working environment sometimes.” This is a challenging situation to be in.

This issue right here is something that can lead to numerous problems. Imagine having people constantly coming in and out of your life. You start to wonder who is there for real and who isn’t. If this is happening in a workplace, you begin to worry about your own security or how long you will stay.

Looks Gourmet…But Is It?

“Always felt bad for customers who ordered the Oreo Madness for dessert. Costs something like $6.50, for literally just one relatively small Klondike Oreo ice cream sandwich, taken out of its individual packaging, and slapped on a plate with some powdered sugar and chocolate sauce.”

Plenty of restaurants do this to their poor customers, but you probably did not know. You see a fancy picture of a delicious dessert and you instantly want it. The picture has the item dressed and ready to go for a trip into your belly. Your taste buds may not know the difference, but your wallet does. You thought that was an Oreo Madness?

Make Money Quick

This is a great pro if you are into making money fast. And in this business, if you are a waiter, then making big bucks off of tips should be your pride and joy. As we said before, sometimes you won’t get that big tip or even a tip at all, but some employees have insight on how that works in your favor.

“Good tips especially during the winter holidays, worth the late nights.” The winter holidays is the time to be a server here. Maybe because people are in the holiday spirit of giving and want to share with you.

The Fridays Experience

Now you have a fresher outlook on what it is like to eat at Fridays or even get a job at Fridays. These insider details could prove to be very valuable to some people so be sure to share with those who you know love Fridays.

Even if you are now shocked that the Orea Madness is just a basic treat from Wal-Mart, it is imperative that people know that employees are often not treated that well because of management pressures so that could be the reason why your waiter is acting…well…less than friendly toward you.