The Best Secret Menu Items Ever

Are you a fast food lover? Maybe you want to switch up your regular order? If so, check out this amazing list of the top secret menu items available. The restaurants won’t advertise it, but you can certainly get these items. Some of them sound absolutely amazing. Mmm, delectable!

Quesarito – Chipotle


Chipotle is known for their amazing burritos and their processed-carb-less version, the equally yummy burrito bowl. However, did you know they offer another item that is off-the-charts with deliciousness? Introducing the quesarito.

It’s just what is sounds like, a quesadilla burrito. The quesadilla is actually an entirely additional item to the already amazing Chipotle burrito. The burrito ingredients are actually wrapped first in your regularly ordered burrito tortilla but then it is double wrapped again in a quesadilla. The tasty invention comes to an extra $3.50 which is small change according to those who have tried the glorious meal (or two).

Apple Pie McFlurry – McDonald’s


Everyone knows that apple pie is best served with a delicious helping of vanilla ice cream. So why not eat both together? McDonald’s is here to serve your dessert needs.

The Apple Pie McFlurry is another delicious invention that makes you think, who came up with this? It’s brilliant! To try this amazing treat ask for a plain McFlurry with one of McDonald’s classic hot baked apple pie mixed in. Then you ask for or add your own caramel. This one is reminiscent of those monster shakes you can get at various specialty ice cream shops but at a fraction of the price!