Tactical Gear And Survival Tips For Every Situation

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Going camping can be fun. Just exploring the wilderness can also be a thrill. You never expect for situations to go south, but sometimes they do. When you find yourself lost or in need of shelter, it is great to know some handy survival tips and have gear that will get through these tough times. Click through to learn tips and know what gear you should have with you whenever you go out to the wild.

Sleeping Bag

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This one should be self-explanatory. You don’t want to be sleeping all on the ground with nothing in between you and the feces from wild animals. A sleeping bag is a must to carry with you on your trip into the wild so do not forget one.

TrackR Bravo


This item that many may not know about is very useful for tracking an item you have lost. You attach it to any item and the app helps you find whatever it is that’s missing. The app sounds an alarm to help you as well as shows how far away you are from your item.

Starting a Fire with a Battery

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Any type of battery will work with this survival tip. You will need some foil, a wire, or steel wool to pull this off, though. You just connect the positive and negative outlets with one of the aforementioned materials to generate a spark that you can put into the tinder bundle like in the picture above.

Inferno Dual Beam Lighter

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This lighter is not your ordinary lighter. In fact, if you pull this bad boy out, you instantly become the coolest guy in the vicinity. Water has no effect on it and the wind will not blow out the flame. This is just an electric current in the shape of an X that sets flame to anything it comes in contact with. Get yours now.

Building a Shelter

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It is documented that hypothermia is the top outdoor killer when in cold weather. If you are good at deductive reasoning, then you should know that means having shelter to keep you warm should be top on your list. Take note of the man in the picture and see how he started building a shelter. This is something you need to learn.



This is a spare item to carry along for defense purposes. You never know what dangers lie ahead out there. This could be anything from a wild animal who you fend off with the spray or even a stranger who tries to attack you. Keeping one of these can help a ton.

Lithium Pro Charger

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This is probably the fastest portable charger that is legal on the market. It charges three times faster than the Apple charger. It works with Apple products as well as Android, Google, and Sony products. With two USB ports equipped, this charger is a must have to keep your items alive.

A Worthy Knife


This is an item that you would not need to use unless you were in a survival situation. Having a good knife with you is essential for a situation that has gone bad. A knife can catch you food, cut you out of something and help you feel safer in general.

Finding Your Way around During the Day

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If you are unlucky and come up short on a compass, map, or GPS then the sky will be your good friend. Remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Something that you should remember that is more helpful than you think in these kinds of scenarios.

Tactical Flashlight

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A regular flashlight is cool, sure. Having a tactical flashlight takes your wilderness experience to the next level. They have a strobe setting and are practically indestructible for whatever situation you may find yourself in. You can even zoom the LED beam for far away sightings. What do you want, a regular flashlight or a tactical one?

Gathering Water from Plants

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Plants and humans share a similar quality. We both sweat! For plants this is called transpiration, a you might have learned during school. All you have to do is cover a leafy branch and close it tightly. Later in the day, water will have condensed inside of the bag and this water is fine to drink.

Making a Survival Signal

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To make a smoke signal, you need to make a fire. Luckily, you know how to do so by now. Make the fire in the highest spot possible, so you have good visibility. Once the fire is burning very hot, add green plants and sticks to the fire. These will cause the fire to produce a large amount of white smoke. Then, use a wet blanket, or something similar if you have it, to cover the fire momentarily. Then lift it up periodically. This will cause the smoke to rise in white puffs, and these puffs are known as a signal for help.



Another item that can be useful for any type of situation. Better suited for when you are on vantage points, these scope lenses can save you a world of trouble traveling. If you are unsure of is you should go a direction because you think a lake is that way, go somewhere elevated and take a peek for yourself before walking all the way there.



This should be another no-brainer, but just to be safe we will include it in the list. Walking around with an unattended cut can potentially get infected and lead to something worse than just a cut. The alcohol swabs and other disinfectants are crucial to have with you if you’re in the wilderness.

Toothpaste for Bug Bites

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Those pesky insects are out there and better believe they will give you a good bite. With bug bites often comes itchiness and swelling. Toothpaste helps sooth the itchiness as well as brings down the swelling. It won’t completely solve either of those matters, but it will help enough to provide some relief.

Keep an Empty Lighter

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Even if your lighter has run out, you can still make a fire with an old, empty lighter, so be sure to keep it. Sometimes there is cotton inside of the lighter which could be used if you create a spark to start your fire. In any event, you can always keep it to make sparks with the flint.

Tactical Boots

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Tactical boots are made for anyone who is going to go through unpleasant, outdoor conditions. Many of those who are enthused about the outdoors say that footwear is the most important piece of gear. You are on your feet the majority of the time, so it would be a smart idea to have a great pair of boots.



Do you dare to flare? If you don’t have one, you better get one because a flare, much like the signaling smoke, can get you spotted and have someone send for help if you ever get lost. All it takes is a helicopter or even a plane flying by to see that bright color flare filling the air and you are saved.

Child’s Play


These are very light and portable so you can stash them in your pockets if you ever needed to. The advantage to having these with you is that you’ll have a source of light in case your flashlight goes out or missing; plus, when you wear one, you can easily be seen at night.

Tie a Bowline Knot


Knowing how to tie a good knot is very crucial for many scenarios. They are needed to secure your shelter you just built or even to lower yourself James Bond style down a cliff. This particular knot is foolproof and perfect for handling weight because when you pull harder it only gets tighter.

Keeping Warm and Dry

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One thing you don’t want to have is wet clothing. That only adds to the coldness. Fatal hypothermia is rather deceptive because cases have happened between 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The best idea is to wear wool or synthetic clothing. Something you can also do is stuff your clothes with dry leaves.

Make Food Away from Camp

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Do not make your food at your campsite! Cooking often comes with a mess and in the wild that will most likely attract potential predators to come and feast. The best thing to do is go cook somewhere distant enough that if animals did come later, they would not be able to find you.

Get Some Tarp


Tarp is a useful material for various reasons. It can be used as a blanket in the cold nights, a barrier under your tent floor, a rain catcher, and to cover important items. You can also use it as a shelter if setup properly, like in the image you see above. Basically, a tarp is a must-have item when you’re trying to survive in the wilderness.

Sleep above Ground

sleeping high up.JPG

Here’s a tidbit for the science-minded out there; if you sleep on the ground then your body heat is lost faster. There are a few options for you so you do not have to sleep on the ground. One of them is bringing a hammock. The another way is stacking up logs and then laying your sleeping bag over them to create a bed. Yes, a hammock is probably much more comfortable .



Always keep a compass on you. You are going to need to know where south or north is. If you’ll recall the tip earlier on this list about how to navigate during the day, you’ll remember that you can use the sun as a compass. If you bring a compass with you, you won’t need to do that.

Shadowhawk Laser

shadowhawk laser.jpg

This looks like something out of Men in Black. The range on this is even further than Steph Curry’s; it reaches over a half a mile. You are even capable of blinding someone with this laser. In other words, don’t point it at anyone’s face. Fun fact: this can also be a fun cat toy.

Finding a Suitable Campsite

suitable camping site.jpg

You ever heard the saying, stay high and dry? Well, experts say that is the best technique when trying to locate a place for a campsite. Do not go near where water can flow to you because flash floods are very possible. Find an area with dry wood away from falling rocks.

Filtration Straw

filtration straw.jpg

This is just like your average straw except you put in dirty water and it filters it to create clean drinking water. When you suck in the water, it takes extra lung power, like when drinking a thick milkshake. This is because the water is being pulled through and cleaned to remove 99.9% of bacteria.

Navigating by Night

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Traveling by night can be tricky if you cannot identify your stars. The main star you want to look for is the North Star. Facing the North Star is facing true north. All you have to do is find something like a landmark after you pick what direction you need to go and follow it.

Waterproof Matches

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If you don’t have the lighter mentioned earlier, then you might want to grab a pair of these before you hit the wild. Waterproof matches can be lifesavers, especially in the wilderness. Depending on where you are, water can be dripping from a tree and put out your last match you just lit. If they’re waterproof you don’t have to worry too much about that.


multi purpose tool.jpg

If you have a knife then good, but if you have a multi-tool even better! A multi-tool has tools that you think you won’t ever need but then when you find yourself in a messed up situation, those pliers are your best bet. Be sure to keep one of these with you at all times.

Building a Fire

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Even in the blistering snow, you should be able to build a fire. You need you tinder bundle and different sizes of wood. Find a log the size of your arm for the base and to protect your tinder bundle from the wind. Once you light the bundle, throw the smaller woods against the arm sized log and slowly add the bigger wood as the flame grows.

Keep some Foil


Foil is your alternative for a dry surface, so be sure to keep it somewhere dry of course. If it just rained and the soil is damp, you can make your fire on top of the foil. Also, you can use foil as a reflector to maximize heat of a campfire.

Finding Clean Water

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There is water in the wild that can kill you and water that is already purified. Snow, dew, and rain are more trustworthy but if you see puddles or streams then you should probably boil that type of water first. Squeezing vines and cacti can also produce water for you when you are in need of the liquid.



Well, we know you are not Dora the Explorer, but having a backpack should be common sense when you are in the wilderness. It might be the most convenient way to keep your belongings and can also double as a pillow when you sleep. You will always need one of these.

Energy Bars

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Energy bars can come in handy big time! They give you the right amount of fuel and nutrients while giving you the kick you need to trek through the woods. They are lightweight and do no take up space so feel free to stock up on them as you feel necessary. Don’t forget to bring enough for your friends.

Finding Edible Plants

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Most of the time, you are going to feed your belly off of the small things and not the big wins when you are stranded unless you hunt like Tarzan. The small things include lizards, frogs, and edible plants. You just have to study to know which plants and animals will kill you and which won’t.

Outsmarting Wild Life

outsmarting wild life.jpg

In a case involving a 57-year-old man and his 58-year-old wife, they were face to face with a grizzly bear. First instincts are to run and that is what the husband did. Unlucky for him he was killed by the bear. The wife composed herself and sat behind a tree and when she was approached by the bear it did not harm her.



This item is probably one of the top three classic instruments to have with you while in the woods. A canteen is sturdy and can hold a ton of water. You won’t leave it sitting around because like a satchel they can go right on your shoulder. It is a smart use of money to invest in a canteen.

Wrap Up

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The list you have just gone through gave you the knowledge you can pass on to your kids and grandkids. If you are into camping, then you might want to favorite this and pass it along to others who can find this useful. Remember, don’t run when you see a bear or you might end up like Leo.