The Best Pieces Of Survival Gear Featured On Reality TV Shows


Watching survival shows is fun for many reasons. Of course, like most reality TV, loads of drama is added to keep us consumed by the series until the end. It’s also exciting to see people try to rough it out in the wild using the little amount of supplies they have. But the best and most rewarding part? Trying to retain the information they provide just in case we ever find ourselves in the same situation. While we might not always have all the survival skills that these experts have, we can try our best to have the same gear that they use! Here are the 20 best survival gear recommendations from the top survival shows like Man vs. Wild.

Filson Wool Skull Cap


Your head is arguably the most important tool to keep safe when surviving. You might have everything you need, but if your brain isn’t protected, it doesn’t matter. Get a hat like this to provide some protection while also regulating your body temperature throughout your trip. This comes Bear Grylls recommended. This isn’t the only crucial survival tool on the list, click ahead to see more!

Makers and Riders 3 Season Weatherproof Commuter Jean


Pants like these are a must have for anyone trying to make it in the survival world, including Bear Grylls. This particular style is made from breathable material that allows the survivalist to be comfortable while wearing them in rugged, wet, hot, or cold situations. They don’t get wet easily, and even if they do, the fabric dries in minutes. Pants that help you instead of hold you back are a very important survival tool! But pants aren’t the only important item on the list…

Ka-Bar Kukri Knife

Ka-Bar Kukri Knife

One important tool to bring along is a large knife, such as this one. This particular style is good for cutting through tough weeds and branches. This is important in order to get from one location to the next, but it is also crucial in cutting up wood to create a good sustainable shelter.

Westcomb Apoc Jacket


This jacket is similar to the pants above that we already discussed. It is made from the same breathable material that allows you to remain warm and dry without being too large or bulky. The secret behind this jacket is that it’s made from a Polartec NeoShell. Many survivalists like Bear Grylls would recommend clothing made from this!

UST Strike Force Fire Starter

UST Strike Force Fire Starter

One of the hard parts about trying to survive in the wild with few supplies is definitely starting a fire. While many people don’t want to take anything that might make their experience too easy, you might want to consider bringing a fire starter, especially if you’re a beginner. You don’t have to use it, but it never hurts to have it just in case.

Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket


If you ask any survivalist, they’ll suggest bringing a down jacket with you. This means that the lining is stuffed with a material that traps heat. That might sound like a big burden to carry around, but the trick is to find one that doesn’t take up a lot of space. This particular jacket is able to fold up as small as an orange!

Gerber Jr. Machete with Nylon Sheath


If you were on Naked and Afraid, half of this list would go right out the window. The survivalists aren’t allowed to wear any clothes but are allowed a few other tools. That makes it all the more important to make sure that any weapons you have on you are the best possible. This particular knife was the one that the survivalist from the very first episode of the series decided to bring with her.

Mountain Hardwear Frequentor Flannel Shirt


Under all your waterproof and warm jackets, you need an equally high-quality shirt! This particular flannel is form fitting to the survivalist and helps ensure that they remain comfortable. Even if the shirt gets wet or roughed up, it will be able to maintain its quality breathability and dryness!

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Cup


You may not think a cup is that important, but it definitely is a crucial item. One like this folds down small, but when it opens, it holds up to 18 ounces of liquid. It is necessary to have a cup that can also be exposed to heat so that you can boil water to ensure it’s safe to drink.

Patagonia Merino Sweater


You can’t go wrong with a quality sweater among your survival gear. This particular sweater is important in that it maintains its quality after many many years of wear and tear. It’s better to buy one quality sweater than spending money on multiple sweaters that don’t last as long.

Mechanix Original Glove


Your hands are one of the most important tools you can bring with you on a trip. If they’re too cold, cut up, or too sore to create shelters or prepare food, you’re in a tricky situation. So it’s always important to bring along tough gloves that won’t wear away if you’re always working with your hands.

Oasis Leggings


Beneath all your layers of warm coats, tough pants, and quality flannels, you need some base layers. Leggings like these, as well as tight shirts of the same material, are important for several reasons. They help maintain body temperature, keep you warm on the surface level, and the tight material even helps relieve your sore muscles. This isn’t the only item on the list that relieves sore muscles…

Coleman Steel Camp Axe


This is another tool that was featured on an episode of Naked and Afraid. It is an excellent piece of gear for chopping down the thick trees and branches necessary to make a nice sturdy shelter. It is also different from a machete in that it is more lightweight and easier to swing to really cut a tough branch down.

Icebreaker Anatomica Boxers


Underwear is a crucial part of surviving. Personal preference is always important when it comes to your undergarments. You don’t want to wear anything you wouldn’t normally be comfortable in. Boxers like these are good in that they don’t retain sweat as much as other underwear. Many survivalists also recommend good old fashioned Speedos, as they provide the most support.

Condor Bushcraft Parang Machete

Condor Bushcraft Parang Machete

This machete is another great weapon to bring along for survivalists. It is long and lightweight, making it easy to swing and carry. What differs about this machete is that it is able to cut through thick bamboo, so it’s a good tool to bring along for warm climates.

Icebreaker Mountaineer Expedition Socks


Socks might be the most important survival tool for anyone braving the wild. These socks include some of the most important features. They need to be warm in cold temperatures while also allowing some breathability if you’re in a sweaty situation. And support is crucial as well. But the best thing is to find some water-resistant materials so you don’t have to walk around with wet socks! The next item might be the strangest so far…

Duct Tape


It might seem like a strange thing on the list, but duct tape proved to be helpful in one season of Naked and Afraid. It is good for repairing various things as well as building a shelter! The material is strong and mostly water-resistant, so it never hurts to bring it along on your survival trip.

Merrell Wilderness Boots


Boots are a tough item to have. They’re the transportation that will be carrying you around most of the time! Leather ones like these are a good choice, as they’re tough and provide support to your foot while walking around in tough terrains. It is important to remember that leather can also undergo some changes depending on temperature, so be careful to choose the right kind and material.

Ontario Military Machete


This machete is one of the best on the list of all the various cutting tools you could bring with you. It has a form-fitting handle, so you never have to worry about comfort when swinging it around. It’s also razor sharp and will easily slice through any material! It’s a must-have when choosing a sharp weapon to bring.

Superfeet Grey Insoles


You might not have thought of using insoles in your shoes before, but they’re definitely something you should consider. This particular pair is made of wool, so they help regulate body temperatures. Insoles with support offer better aid in maintaining sore free feet, as well as offering more support to your back as well!