This Luxury Camping Gear Will Let You Glamp In Style At Music Festivals


Want to rock out like a rockstar while camping at your favorite music festival? Thanks to the Glamping (glamorous camping) trend there are plenty of very cool and useful tools you can purchase which will allow you to camp in luxury. Some of these purchases will break your bank account while others offer a little bit of camping luxury without the need to higher a team of accountants to help solve your financial woes. Whether you want a high-end tent or a high-tech solar powered backpack, we have you covered with some of the coolest and most luxurious camping products currently available.

Solar-Powered Ban Bang Tent


If you’re going to be headbanging to your favorite bands we assume you’re a big music fan. The Bang Bang Tents collection not only offers a fashion statement, it also provides buyers with a solar power bank that can be used to power computers, phones, cameras, and of course your favorite speakers. At $200 for a 4-person tent this collection really is a steal.

Light Up the Night for a Round of Bocce Ball


Source: Buzzfeed

When the sun goes down and you don’t feel like sitting around a fire pit to light up the night, give this $45 bocce ball set a chance. The balls light up so you can play well into the darkness. It’s not traditional camping gear but it definitely adds a nice unique touch to your festival outing.

The Pocket Shower


Source: Opulent Items

If you plan on spending several days (or longer) running around a music festival, do everyone a favor and take a shower. Simply throw on your bathing suit, hook up the pocket shower, and enjoy up to eight minutes of shower time. The waterproof fabric on this luxury camping item attracts heat, allowing for a lukewarm shower. You can purchase the pocket shower for just $25.

The Backpacker’s Mosquito Thwarting Hammock.


Source: Hammacher

This is not your typical hammock. Lay back and enjoy the music from your favorite bands as you avoid pesky bugs thanks to a built-in mesh canopy. You still feel the breeze on your skin and there are four feet of clearance so you can easily reposition your body as needed. There are even two pockets inside the canopy to provide convenient storage. This $99 (a steal!) hammock supports up to 400 pounds. For $100 you’ll also receive two nautical grade locking carabiners and two 20′-long bungee cords for hanging the hammock.

Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven


Source: PizzaCraft

The Pizzeria Pronto is a deluxe outdoor pizza oven that is lightweight, portable, and safe on any surface. Hook up a propane tank, pre-heat the device for 10 minutes and cook your favorite pizza! With temperatures up to 700°F, you can cook a pizza in only five minutes. The Pizzeria Pronto also ships with two 14″ baking stones for a more even cooking experience.

GSI Outdoors Vortex Blender (Hand Cranked)


Source: Thrillist

The GSI Outdoors Vortex Blender is a must-have luxury camping item if you lack an electrical outlet or you want to feel like a camper while still making margaritas and other cold-chilled drinks. This $99 blender allows users to hand crank all of their favorite drinks with ease. The blender uses a two-speed gear system to crush ice and blend drinks in seconds. With a stainless steel blade and a nearly impossible to break container, this is a must have for serious concert campers.

GRUB HUB Camp Kitchen


Source: Grub Hub USA

Want to cook for a ton of people but not deal with a bunch of cooking equipment? The Grub Hub camp kitchen offers a full suite of helpful tools all in the size of a suitcase. Alongside a two burner stovetop the camp kitchen also includes two air dry bags, three stakes, three adjustable shelves, a folding sink, and a spatula rack.

Trailer Hitch Camping Chairs


Source: Walmart

If you own a truck with a trailer hitch you should never leave home without the Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand with Hammaka Chairs. For less than $300 you can relax in style with two fabric chairs that easily attach to an aluminum stand. You also receive arm and foot rests to ensure a comfortable experience as you listen to your favorite bands.

Coleman InstaStart Carafe Coffeemaker


Source: Coleman

If you can’t live without your coffee and the thought of “instant” coffee makes your stomach churn, you can perk up a bit with the realization that Coleman makes a propane fueled instant start coffeemaker. With this gadget, you can make a fully brewed cup of coffee in just 18 minutes. You can even pause the brewing process and poor a fresh cup of coffee in the middle of filling a full pot. The InstaStart Carafe makes up to 10-cups of coffee in a single cycle, providing coffee for everyone you’ve brought along to your favorite music festival. You can brew about 4.5 hours worth of coffee on a single Coleman 16.4oz propane tank.

Camco 41541 Portable Toilet – 5.3 gallon


Source: Amazon

Never find another tree to squat behind again. The Camco 41541 Portable Toilet lets you easily transport a 5.0-gallon tank anywhere you go. The toilet features a prismatic tank level indicator and was built to remain sturdy for many music festivals to come. The toilet even features a powerful push-button pressurized flush with an adult-sized seat.

Two Bottle Bartender’s Cocktail Bar Travel Bar with Tools


Source: Mashable

For the sophisticated music festival attendee, there’s the two bottle bartender’s cocktail bar. The all black executive style travel bar leaves room for two bottles of liquor and provides a combination lock, can opener, two serving/drinking 5oz glasses, and double sided jigger. Mix drinks like a pro and maybe even upgrade to a three bottle option with an included flask.

Lotus Belle Hybrid Tents


The massive Lotus Belle hybrid tent is available in diameters of 13ft and 16ft. With just a massive size you can easily fit a bed, changing area, and so much more. The tent is made from interchangeable mesh and PVC windows making it a great all season solution. The Lotus Belle also features a Velcro or Zip groundsheet to keep out the creepy crawlies. Deluxe tents from the company all feature two doors and ceiling vents for added airflow.

TImberland’s Snuggly Camp Shoes


Source: Sunset

Do you like to keep your feet warm and dry but still want the comfort of slippers? Try out the Timberland Radler Trail Camp shoes. These amazing sneakers are fleece-lined for barefoot comfort. They are also rugged with rubber treads. You can grab a pair for $65 which is an amazing deal if comfort is your forte.

Snow Peak Tulip Lantern

Snow Peak Tulip Lantern.jpg

The Snow Peak Tulip Lantern offers a 250 Lumen LED bulb with various different settings from high to romantic lighting. The lantern offers a snake-like stem which can point the lantern in any direction. The lantern also features a continuous dimmer and a candle mode, which flickers in the breeze.

The Napsack by Poler Stuff

The Napsack by Poler Stuff.jpg

Here’s a fun twist on the traditional sleeping bag. The Napsack by Poler Stuff lets you unzip the sides and let your arms hang out. Snuggle up by the fire on a cold night or just stay warm when relaxing outdoors with family and friends. Your legs hang out the bottom of the sleeping bag while the rest of your body stays toasty warm. You can pick up the Napsack for $130.

Sea To Summit Kitchen Sink

Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink.jpg

The Sea Summit Kitchen Sink is the easiest way to keep your dishes, pots, and pans clean and ready for their next use. This seam-sealed and leak-proof device features lightweight and strong Hypalon carry handles and a Delrin reinforced rim. It also features a micro stuff sack for convenient packing. You can pick up the Sea Summit Kitchen Sink for a very low $24.95.

Cricket Trailer


Source: Taxa Outdoors

The Cricket Trailer is perfect for campers who don’t have a truck to pull a trailer. The lightweight addition to your musical festival trip features a V-berth bed, lounge, and a full storage system with under-bed storage and a pop-up table. Despite its small size, you’ll have a 12 square foot counter-top and six large cubbies in the kitchen. The trailer also offers 12-volt lighting for daytime and night time use.

Gregory Pack Deva 70 GZ (Solar Backpack)


Source: Backpacker Magazine

Backpack maker Gregory has scored a home run with the help of solar power expert Goal Zero. The Deva 70 GZ features a magnetized panel that flips open to showcase a Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus solar panel. The 7-watt panel can power your smartphone and other small devices on the fly. If you plan to spend the day wandering around an event like Bonnaroo why not stay powered up while carrying all of your daily supplies. The backpack isn’t cheap at more than $400 but for hikers and people who attend music festivals on a regular basis, it’s a great find.

The Only Sleeping Bag You’ll Ever Need… Or Want


Source: Snews

If you’re heading into a frozen tundra you most certainly need a Nemo sleeping bag. The company is known for creating some of the most rugged sleeping bags on the planet. This time around the company created the NEMO Concerto sleeping bag for a more luxurious use. The sleeping bag features 700-fill water-resistant down that’s rated for temps as low as 20 degrees. The bag also features a wide and rectangular feel that makes it incredibly comfortable. The Concerto comes with an integrated sheet and a built-in sleeve underneath that holds a sleeping pad securely in place. If you’re using this sleeping bag in warmer weather the down layer can be unsnapped on each side and rolled away. It’s not cheap at $400 but it’s definitely luxurious.

REI Kingdom Cot 3


Source: REI

The REI Kingdom Cot 3 offers the luxury you want when Glamping. The chair provides a plush support with plenty of room to stretch out, relax and slumber until the sun comes up. The chair is built with aluminum and steel tubing with a rugged powder-coated frame that the company promises will hold up for years. The chair also features a quilted top that is made from a quick-drying, water-resistant polyester fabric. The chair costs just $159.