Life Hacks That Will Transform The Way You Look At Everyday Items

Life hacks are meant to simplify our lives and make easy, mundane tasks just that much more efficient. The actual definition of a life hack is strategy or technique adopted to in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Some of the life hacks that have been compiled on this list are more ridiculous than others, but all of them are brilliant in their own way. You’ve longed for these simple solutions, but long no longer, because you’re lives are about to change for the better. Enjoy.

Surround Sound

This is one of the most useful life hacks if you’re someone who enjoys having company over. No, this isn’t going to give you the same sound coverage as a massive speaker, but it does significantly increase the sound. Speakers are expensive and this is a creative way to get the most out of your toilet paper rolls.

Iced Iced Coffee (Baby)

The problem with iced coffee is that if you don’t drink it in less than 20 minutes it’ll be mostly water or at the very least watered down. So instead, if you pour coffee into the ice tray and freeze it, you won’t have watered down iced coffee. This is revolutionary if you’ve ever been someone who enjoys making iced coffee at home and not paying like $12 at a Starbucks.

Crumbless Pringles

One of the big annoyances of eating Pringles is that they are more fragile than a college student’s confidence on their first day of freshman year. If you apply even the smallest amount of force onto the chip it’ll crumble into a million pieces and conjugate at the bottom of the container. This life hack is brilliant and more importantly, useful.

5×5 TVs

If a plane doesn’t have TV screens on the backs of every seat, the plane just shouldn’t exist. But, if God forbid you do end up on a plane from the 1800s then at least be creative enough to make your own personal living room. This life hack is more of a lifesaver if you have a flight longer than 20 minutes.

Bags On Bags

Is there anything worse than having to take two trips up to your fifth-floor apartment because you have one-to-many bags to carry at once? The answer is a hard NO. The limit per hand is two, sometimes three bags if you don’t want to feel your fingers anymore. This hack is great for anyone who considers themselves a “one trip wonder” and will do anything to carry every bag up the stairs in one go.

Flying Low

One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to someone is when they walk around with their zipper undone in public. If you’re a good friend you’ll tell that person that they’re flying low, but if you’re their BEST friend you won’t because you think it’s hilarious. Any life hack to ensure that this doesn’t happen is something most of us can get behind.

Finding the wine cork is harder than finding Waldo in Times Square. Coming up is an easy way to open a wine bottle if you don’t have a cork.

Cord Etiquette

Cord’s get more tangled than a college student’s morals at a bar. That’s why it’s important to have a system in place that prevents all the cords from meeting and then getting all up in each other’s grill. There isn’t enough time to untangle all of the cords behind the TV so make sure you buy lots of toilet paper rolls.

Soda Bottle Sprinkler

Ever wanted a sprinkler that is unique and, uh, different from every other family’s? Look no further than the Pepsi sprinkler which may look cheap but gives an unpredictability that just doesn’t come with other “normal” sprinklers. Don’t be normal, don’t be boring, be unpredictable and fun. Make a Pepsi sprinkler today.

Nail In The Coffin

It’s 11 pm and time to open up the bottle of red after a great first date. You scramble around looking for your opener and it seems to be hiding. So what do you do? Easy. You go to the shed, grab a hammer and a nail and get to work. You can thank this life hack for getting you that second date because without that wine, uh oh.

Curtain Clothes Hanger

There’s never enough room to put all of your clothes in your tiny closet. Improvising becomes the only way to effectively maneuver your clothing in a way that fits. One way to do this is by taking your curtain hangers and throwing them on the clothes hanger. This is a simple, yet efficient way to organize your clothing.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Your life has officially been changed after looking at this life hack. Life completely opens up once you figure out a way to use AAA batteries in a AA battery slot. AAA batteries are like the little brother trying to reach the cookie cupboard but can’t because he’s too small. The pennies, in this case, are the chair he needs to get a full grasp on the chocolate chip deliciousness.

Everlasting Life

If you say you can’t eat an entire jar of Nutella in one sitting, you’re lying. The second that hazelnut glory touches your lips it’s like an explosion of all your best experiences and tastes crunched into a dark brown paste. If you’re getting to the bottom of the jar and want to spice things up a bit, add some vanilla ice cream and your cousins Netflix password because it’s about to be a good night.

Collar Iron

Ironing clothing is really inconvenient and takes an enormous amount of time to do it right. Any life hack that can troubleshoot the process is something that every man or woman can get behind. Hair straighteners make for insanely effective collar irons. The collar of a shirt gets overlooked quite often but can make or break the sharpness of an outfit. Treat it as such.

Trashy Funnel

Have you ever had a big water bottle that you wanted to fill up in a public sink and it couldn’t fit? Yeah, same. This life hack will declutter a lot of stress that comes with objects not being able to fit in a sink to reap its water benefits. I don’t know about you, but this sort of stuff keeps me up at night.

Newsworthy Garbage

The entire world’s population can’t agree on much. Everyone has differing opinions on politics, sports, and world issues but one thing most can agree on is that garbage juice at the bottom of a garbage can is really gross. This is an issue we all want to fix, but haven’t exactly found the answer. Well, that is until now. Not only does a newspaper soak up the juices, but you also get caught up on local news while you’re at it.

Electrolyte Nightlight

These are probably the coolest night lights around. They are energized and full of electrolytes, in fact, it’s almost not even up for debate that these lights are the most hydrated. These night lights are more hydrated then the three-quarters of Americans who are chronically dehydrated. Let that sink in.

Sun Safe Cell Phone

When you go to the beach you need to keep more things protected than just your skin. Yes, skin is important, but your iPhone also costs about $1000 so it’s probably important to keep it out of the sun as well. This life hack is a great way capitalize on the usefulness of an empty sunscreen bottle. Phones overheat very easily so always use safety first.

All-Dressed Fire

Ever had a fire that smells of nacho cheese? How about all-dressed (whatever that even means. WHAT SPICES ARE IN ALL DRESSED CHIPS! TELL US)? No? Well, your next backyard campfire just got tastier. For whatever reason, Doritos are great for starting fires and it’s mildly concerning but let’s face it, we’re all going to still eat them anyway.

Never Too Much Ketchup

Those little ketchup containers are evil because they set the standard for what’s “just enough” ketchup. No. Two little bloops of ketchup from the dispenser is not enough, and I want to stop looking like a crazy person by carrying 50 full containers on my tray. The rule should be one fry per container.

Alarm Blast

We’ve all slept through our phone alarms before for several reasons. One of the main ones tends to be that the alarm just isn’t loud enough, which leaves us two options. Either we sleep with our phone closer to our head which probably isn’t good, OR we increase the volume. Since cups amplify the sound, just use one of those.