One Of America’s Most Prolific Burglars Gives Incredible Insight Into How To Protect Your House From Thieves Like Him

The thought of someone breaking into your house is sickening. Imagine a stranger wandering around YOUR home picking up YOUR valuables. As homeowners, we want to know what the burglar is thinking, and the best way to protect ourselves and our families.

It’s nearly impossible to know what a thief is thinking unless you are one. For nearly 20 years, Michael Shayne Durden burglarized and ruined people’s homes and lives around Dallas and Collin counties. He sat down for a jailhouse interview and reveals everything about what his perfect home to break into looks like and what you can do to stop it.

Michael Shayne Durden


Michael Shayne Durden is looking at 20-30 years in prison for his criminal past. He’s been in trouble with the law dating all the way back to 1991.

He was finally locked up in 2015 for breaking into a house and stealing thousands of dollars worth of property. He’s now making it his mission from jail to ensure that every property owner knows how to protect their home to the best of their ability.