Simple Household Hacks Hidden Right Under Your Nose

Do you ever wonder about the strange, small things in life that we do every day for no rhyme or reason? There are a ton of things we take for granted, and simply just do them because that’s how they were always done. You learn to tie your shoes bunny-ear style, then all of a sudden you learn the loop over, and your life is changed forever.

Here are just a few everyday items that could be useful if you only knew these hacks, so take a peek and find out! Pasta lovers will be shocked to learn the hack we reveal that will make their lives easier!

Your Petrol Gauge Actually Means Something

There’s a strong chance you never noticed it in your car, but that little triangle on your petrol gauge actually means something. The gauge indicates which side of the car the pump hatch is. This little trick should keep you from being “that guy” at the pump.