Simple Household Hacks Hidden Right Under Your Nose

Do you ever wonder about the strange, small things in life that we do every day for no rhyme or reason? There are a ton of things we take for granted, and simply just do them because that’s how they were always done. You learn to tie your shoes bunny-ear style, then all of a sudden you learn the loop over, and your life is changed forever.

Here are just a few everyday items that could be useful if you only knew these hacks, so take a peek and find out! Pasta lovers will be shocked to learn the hack we reveal that will make their lives easier!

Your Petrol Gauge Actually Means Something

There’s a strong chance you never noticed it in your car, but that little triangle on your petrol gauge actually means something. The gauge indicates which side of the car the pump hatch is. This little trick should keep you from being “that guy” at the pump.

A Hole So Small You Can’t Recognize It

For you travelers out there, here are two reasons why the little hole is there in the window. First, it’s there to compensate for air pressure. When the plane climbs in altitude, there’s a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the plane. The other reason is that it prevents the windows from fogging up.

Little Buttons

The pocket in your jeans you use for your spare change was originally used to hold a pocket watch. Nothing will remind you of that little pocket quite like burning yourself when they’re fresh out of the dryer. If you think that’s odd, wait until you see why you get an extra button when buying clothes!

More Than Just A Bottle Cap

There’s a good chance you’ve tried to pry out the inside of the cap lid and the bottle closed fine afterward. As it turns out, they’re there to create a seal that keeps the liquid in the bottle carbonated. Without it, that soda will go flat in no time.

There’s A Fancy Word For Toothpaste

Sure, you put toothpaste on your toothbrush, but did you know the real name behind it? The dab of toothpaste is known as a nurdle. It’s a fancy dental term, but good luck saying it out loud as your brushing your teeth. That sounds like a choking hazard waiting to happen.

Extra, Extra! Who Needs Another Button?

You were likely under the assumption that the button was for patches in case your new jacket got a tear in it. In fact, the manufacturer includes that sample so you can test how different laundry detergents will react to your new garment. Wait until you see all the different ways to tie a tie. Barney Stinson would be proud.

The Secret To The Heinz Ketchup Bottle

The best way to get ketchup out of the iconic Heinz bottle is pretty simple. To release the ketchup faster, apply a firm tap on the neck of the bottle, where the number 57 is shown. Very few people know about this secret, including myself, so it goes to show we can learning something new every day.

Wine Down

If you think wine is just grapes, you have a lot of growing up to do. The indent on the bottom of every wine bottle is used to control pressure when you cork the bottle open. It also allows sediment to settle into a tight space so it’s not released very easily when is the poured into the glass.

Barney Stinson Would Be Proud

There are 177,147 ways to tie a necktie according to Swedish scientists. I’m not someone who suits up on a regular basis, but just having three different ways in my back pocket is a great way to stand out amongst a crowd. Have you seen the loops on the backs of some shirts? There’s a good reason why they’re there!

Important Adult Stuff You Need To Know

Being an adult is hard enough as it is, and writing checks is one thing that definitely sucks. But here’s something you didn’t know — the horizontal line is made up of a small print that reads ‘Authorized Signature’. Now you’re never going to unsee that writing moving forward.

Pasta 101

I’m a pasta lover, and apparently, we’ve been draining the Italian cuisine wrong this whole time. From the photo above, the drainer is placed over the pot, so you don’t actually have to try and find a way to pour the scalding pasta water into the sink. This new life hack will now be apart of my next dining experience.

Hooked On A Feeling

Buttoned-down shirts started adding loops on the backs in the sixties, allowing the garment to hang by itself to avoid creasing without the use of a coat hanger. It’s so much easier to pop the loop over a hook too. Speaking of loops, you’ll never guess the reason behind the holes in the Converse sneakers!

House Of Kings

If you’ve ever noticed, the King of Hearts does not have a mustache. The particular card is also known as the “Suicide King” since he appears to to be sticking his sword through his head. Another cool fact about the King of Hearts is that he’s associated with Charles VII, the King of France.

The Small Hole Is Worth Knowing About

That tiny little hole in the padlock is pretty essential. It lets the water drain out if the lock is being used outdoors so it won’t rust. If you’ve ever had a padlocked shack or chained up your valuables outside, you know how easily rust can set in.

Converse On My Feet

Ventilation is the reason why there are holes in each pair of Converse sneakers, however, a majority of people believe the classic sneakers were originally made for basketball. The laces could be looped through the extra holes for a more comfortable fit on your feet, which is pretty important if you’re trying to go and dunk a ball on your opponent. Have you ever wondered why some hats have pom-poms on them?

Tonic Water Glows!

Be sure to include a bunch of tonic water and an ultraviolet light during your next party! Under the light, the quinine in tonic water makes the water fluoresce and gives off a bright blue color. I always knew there was a reason people kept this stuff around, because it’s definitely not for the taste.

Coffee Sleeves Have A Name

You might know it as a coffee sleeve, but there’s more than just one name to it. Other names include coffee clutch, coffee cozy, Java Jacket, and paper zarf. I can’t imagine anyone at Starbucks asking for a paper zarf, and I’m pretty sure the employees probably wouldn’t know what you were talking about either.

Pom Poms On Hats Have Been Around For A Long Time

The origins of the pom-pom on the tops of hats go pretty far back. Marines would wear a sailor hat with it on the top to prevent them from hurting their heads in the low cabins. If we dig back farther in time, the pompom can be traced back to Scandinavia when Vikings wore it with a hat or helmet.

What’s With The F And J On Keyboards?

Most typing experts already know the reason behind it. In 10-finger typing, the F and J keys are called the home keys and it’s where your index finger rests while sitting on home row. The little bumps let you find your way back to the position without even glancing down at your keyboard.

Safety Tip For Kids

Believe it or not, the holes in the top of pen lids are super important. Not only do they increase airflow so the pen won’t dry out, but they also reduce the risk of choking if the lid was swallowed. If a small child was chewing on the lid and choked on it, the hole keeps their airway from closing entirely.