Surprising Secrets About Flying That Will Change The Way You Fly

It seems as though the airlines cannot keep their business out of the news headlines this year; from dragging passengers off flights to escorting a family of four off a plane ride home. Passengers have their smart phones ready to capture any slip-up the airline and crew might have, and tensions between customers and airlines are on the rise.

Airline Workers Tell All


Their employers might not be happy with this one… because here’s a list of airline secrets, leaked by former (and some current) workers.

Cookies Are Costing You Serious Money

Cookies Are Costing You Serious Money

It is a smart idea to clear your cookies on your computer or smart phone before booking a flight. Have you ever experienced looking up a flight and then an hour later when you check back to book it, the prices are mysteriously higher? Your cookies may be the reason why. Browsers track your activity and a few booking sites might increase their price depending on demand.