Celebrities Share The Delicious (And Strange) Meals They Actually Make Themselves

For most of us, making all our meals is just a part of life. Wake up make breakfast, pack lunch, come home, and cook for our families. I’m sure we’d all appreciate having a personal chef to cook for us, or an assistant to run out and get our favorite takeout every once in a while.

What is considered food luxuries for us are part of an average day for celebrities. But even though they can have any food they want, a lot of celebs still like to cook for themselves when they can. These celebrities spilled the beans on what their go-to meals are to make at home. A few have some pretty strict diets, but others know that pasta and peanut butter are the two best things in life.

Justin Timberlake Works Out So He Can Eat Whatever He Wants

Most of us work out to feel good and look good, but Timberlake admitted that he works out so he can eat 24/7. He loves to eat so much that he has two breakfasts. Very hobbit-like.

Photo credit: @justintimberlake / Instagram
Photo credit: @justintimberlake / Instagram

He’ll usually make waffles with flax and almond butter and a scrambled egg for his first breakfast. Then after working out, he’ll make a protein shake.