The Most Humiliating ‘Stinky Situations’ In Professional Sports

No one really wants to have to admit that they’ve done the dirty in their pants at inopportune times. Weirdly enough, it actually happens in the sports world more than you would think, and many times it’s covered up without any fans noticing.

Luckily (or unluckily) for us, it’s not always possible to be quick enough to cover up the stink or the stain without observers noticing. For some athletes, it’s literally defined their careers and left a nasty stench on their legacy. Sometimes it’s actually commendable for some athletes to push their bodies to the limit so much so that it ends in losing control of your bowels.

Vicious Bowel Movement

During Wrestlemania XIII there’s a rumor still swirling around that wrestler Sid Vicious could’ve used a bathroom break in a fight against the Undertaker. Even more bizarre is that it’s said he did it on purpose just to spice things up in the ring.

The Undertaker literally caught wind of the action, as did the referee, because the smell was so bad so quick, that changes had to be made. Undertaker promptly pinned Sid down, got the win, and rushed out of there as soon as possible. If this is true it remains the most vicious thing he’s done in the ring.