Poo Trump Emoticon

Fake news and Donald Trump’s tweets are horrible enough to make anyone lose their mind while scrolling through the internet. But there might just be a way for you keep up with the news without ever seeing the name “Donald Trump”.

detrumpify .jpg

With the help of “Firewall Trump,” which is a browser extension for any type of computer system, you can block out the word “Trump” from any news articles. The browser extension will change any mention of the new president’s name into a Poo emoji. This feature will pop up on any website, no matter how powerful the website’s domain is. This could help if you are witnessing a fight on Facebook over Donald Trump’s latest bill or if you just don’t want the stress of his presidency to influence your day.

If the poo emoji grosses you more than helps you out, you’re in luck because you also have other ways of subbing out Trump’s name.

The new extension for Chrome and Firefox called “Detrumpify,” will do the same trick as Firewall Trump, but will use elaborate descriptions, rather than just a poop emoji. Detrumpify uses phrases like “new superfood of made of finely-ground clown wigs,” instead of the name Trump. Now every news article will be more fun to read.

The issue with these blocking websites is that they only allow you to block out the word “Trump” and not the initial fake news. If you want to block news which is fabricated, you’re going to have to try something more potent.

To stop fake news from reaching your Facebook or reaching other’s social media accounts, you’re going to have to report the page which is carrying the fake article. The key to recognizing fake news is seeing similar looking websites, like abcnews.com, but with a slightly changed URL. The new fake website could be something like abcnews.com.co. If anything looks slightly different than the original, then it most likely is.

By clicking on the tab in the upper right hand corner of the post, simply choose “report post,” and Facebook will review the article and decide whether it is fake news. By doing this, you are not only blocking these articles from returning to your own feed, but you are also helping other’s to not be influenced by these articles’ misinformation.

Before you decide to change all of your news feed to Donald Trump poo emojis, decide whether or not the news you’re reading is important. Most of what is on the internet today is valuable, and can help you make decisions about the state of our country.


If you are constantly changing your webpages to read like a Mad Libs book, are really going to be that informed? For anyone who is trying to be involved in the government and help fight against Donald Trump’s racist laws, it might be better to leave the poo emojis out of it.