Celebs And Politicians Who Have Survived Being Shot

Imagine you were being shot at. You would think you would most likely end up dead, because getting hit with a bullet is a pretty serious situation. Even if the bullets were to miss it could still be traumatic (and painful!). But there are quite a few celebrities and politicians who have been through it and lived to tell the story.

Some of these stars and politicians rejuvenated their career after these incidents because they realized that life is not promised. Others took it in stride like nothing had happened and kept on moving. Let’s go through this list and see who was shot but managed to stay alive.

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston was shot by her then-fiancé, Charlie Sheen. At least that was what she said happened back in 1990. It took until 2011 for Preston to reveal that Sheen did not shoot her and it was indeed a complete accident.

The story was that a gun had fallen out of Sheen’s pocket and it went off, hitting her in the arm. Sheen said he was not even in the room at the time the gun went off. The only strange thing is that it took Preston so long to back up Sheen’s claims about how he did not shoot her.

Andrew Jackson

The man on the 20 dollar bill was the first president to be a victim of an assassination attempt. And once you know the story, you can’t help but wonder how the attacker missed a 67-year old man. In 1835, a man by the name of Richard Lawrence, who was an unemployed house painter, shot at Jackson but misfired.

That made Jackson very upset and resulted in him striking Lawrence a few times with his walking cane. While he was getting hit, Lawrence pulled out another gun and shot but missed again! Call it divine intervention. After the altercation, Jackson was left paranoid.

Isaiah Washington

Grey’s Anatomy fans rejoice — a sighting of Burke! Isaiah Washington, the former Grey’s Anatomy star, was involved in a shooting when he was young. Ironically enough, his character was shot in Grey’s Anatomy as well. We wonder if that was a challenging experience for him. He does not really talk about the incident when asked.

The only thing he reveals is that he was “popping his mouth to the wrong person.” The incident left him with a scar so we can say he was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound. How would Meredith have treated the young version of Burke?

Vanilla Ice

Ice Ice baby, it’s Vanilla Ice! In his early days, Vanilla Ice lived life like he was a part of the Fast and Furious cast. Meaning he dabbled in illegal street racing and dealt drugs as well. He was also arrested a bunch of times before a record label signed him.

He was hurt by a gunshot that apparently happened because of a street rumble. There is not much information on this shooting but it did happen. It’s crazy how things turn out, because now he is not involved with that life anymore and he produced a nice fan base. This is a great story indeed.

Jennifer O’Neill

Here we have an accidental self shooting (something we will encounter again later from a hugely famous musician). In 1982, actress Jennifer O’Neill shot herself at her home in New York. Of course, it was by accident and thankfully she survived. Investigations showed that she shot herself in the abs with a revolver. That must have hurt!

She says she was just trying to figure out if the weapon was loaded or not. Well, there goes your answer, Ms. O’Neill! Where would we be without the gorgeous O’Neill? She has written a handful of books and has appeared in many shows.

Franklin Roosevelt

In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt was the target of a manic unemployed bricklayer by the name of Giuseppe Zangara. He shouted “too many people are starving,” and let loose on the president-elect with six rounds. Roosevelt had just finished giving a speech out of the back seat of his car while in Miami.

There were five people struck and luckily Roosevelt did not get injured. Unluckily, the mayor of Chicago was there and he got hit in the stomach and did not survive. Zangara was tackled and beaten half to death before Roosevelt intervened to stop the beating. Would you have intervened?

Gerald Ford

People must have really had out for our president Gerald Ford. Why else would he be the victim of two assassinations in the same month! Who deserves that kind of traumatic experience back to back? Both of the attempts happened in California, one in San Francisco then the other in the state’s capital.

After Ford addressed the World Affairs Council audience he proceeded to get in his car and as he paused to wave to the crowd, two shots were let off. The first barely missed him and the other was deflected. The first attempt earlier in the month was foiled because the shooter was wrestled down before she could shoot.

Bob Marley

The king Rasta was a victim of a shooting as well. The Jamaican native who is known for peace, loving and happiness was targeted at a concert. The concert was for the Jamaican Prime Minister and the cause was to ease dispute between two factions in Jamaica. That led many to believe the assassination was politically influenced.

Marley, his wife and manager were all injured but they all recovered well. The shooter was unknown or rather never found. Marley was one of the kindest, most genuine people there was so it’s sad to know that someone would try and end his life over something like that.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was the leading figure of pop art. The renowned artist used many different types of media like photography, hand drawing, and silk screening to name a few. In 1968, Warhol was shot by Valerie Solanas three times at his factory in New York. You could say the shooting stemmed from anger but not just any type of anger.

Solanas claimed Warhol had too much control over her life and she was also upset that he would not make a movie based on a book she had written. Warhol was forced to have open heart surgery so that he could survive.

Harry Truman

In 1950, President Harry S. Truman could have met his maker if it weren’t for secret service. In the autumn of that year, the White House was being renovated so the Truman’s had to relocate to another house down the street. While he and his wife were upstairs, they heard rumblings and gunshots down on the front steps

The two almost-assassins, Griselio Torresola, and Oscar Collazo were quickly confronted at the front door after firing shots. As a result, a Secret Service agent was killed but he managed to kill Torresola beforehand. Protecting a president sounds incredibly dangerous.

Tupac Shakur

The legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur was the victim of different shootings. One of them ultimately ended his life, but after the first one he lived to tell the tale. In November of 1994, Shakur was in the lobby of Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan when he was attacked and robbed.

During the robbery, three men shot Shakur five times. He somehow managed to live and the next day once he got done with the surgery he walked out the hospital against the doctor’s demands so that he could go appear in court. We’re guessing he did not want to miss court that day.

Trace Adkins

If this is not easily one of the more bizarre cases of being shot then you must know some crazy stories yourself. Country singer Trace Adkins was in a heated dispute with his former wife about his drinking habits when she got so upset that she went and got the family gun.

In an interview, Adkins tells it like this, “Being a macho guy like I am, I tried to scare it out of her hand,” he explained. “I said, ‘Give me the gun, or I’m gonna take it away from you and beat your damn brains out with it.’ I would never have done that, but I told her in hopes that it would scare her.” Instead the gun went off. “[The bullet] went through both my lungs and both ventricles of my heart.” And yes he still alive.

Lil Wayne

Told you we would return to somebody else who shot themselves. Did you expect it to be Lil Wayne? The one-time best rapper alive was just a youngster when he shot himself. He 12 years old when he was playing with his stepfather’s gun and accidentally shot himself in the chest.

Wayne said, “see I didn’t know that if you take the clip out the gun if you cocked it ones already in the chamber. I didn’t know it had been cocked.” He had to be on life support for two weeks but says that is the reason why he writes… because the bullet just missed his heart.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was targeted outside the Hilton Hotel in D.C. in March of 1981. Reagan had just spoken to the Building and Construction Workers Union when Hinckley, who was a poor shot, let off with a revolver that had exploding bullets. Because he was a poor shot, he hit press secretary James Brady and a Secret Service Agent instead of his intended target.

One of his shots hit the limo then bounced back into Reagan’s chest. Unsurprisingly, the shooter was found not guilty and deemed insane. His motivation for shooting the president was due to his obsession with actress Jodie Foster.

Brandon Call

Do you remember Step by Step’s star Brandon Call? Well, here is a little history lesson on how he was shot at. When he was just 19-years old he was the object of a drive-by shooting when he was hit in both arms. This was in 1996 and Call says he remembers a car trailing him.

He tried to be smart and evade the car but made a wrong turn. He ended up turning into a cul-de-sac and when he was there things went south. When he tried to turn around to get back to the road the gunman hopped out and shot him.

Pope John Paul II

The leader of the Catholic church was also the target of a shooting back in 1981. He had come out ready to greet the people as he does weekly in the square. He stepped into his “Popemobile” which is an open jeep and rode around the plaza navigating through the crowd. You wouldn’t think the Pope would drive any type of open vehicle.

When the jeep stopped, there were many people around like fans at a music concert, sticking their hands out and taking pictures. Well, a gun was stuck out as well and shot the Pope in the chest. In a great pope fashion, John Paul forgave the shooter.

50 Cent

Probably one of the most infamous celebrity shooting victims is this man right here, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. It isn’t simply because he got shot at that makes him famous for it, it is how many times he got shot and him still managing to survive and go on to be one of the biggest rappers of the early 2000s.

In 2000, 50 Cent was outside his grandmother’s house when he was shot nine times in various parts of his body, including his mouth. It took him five months to recover and when he did he came back with a vengeance.

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt must have been one tough cookie. Scratch that, he was definitely one tough cookie based on this assassination attempt. In 1912, an unemployed saloonkeeper unleashed his rage at the president right in Roosevelt’s chest. This happened outside of a Milwaukee hotel and what happened next was amazing. Before you find out how the President reacted, think about what you would do after being shot in the chest.

Most people, you would think, would stop giving the speech and go to the nearest hospital. But Roosevelt said forget that and continued to give his speech. His actual words were, “it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.” He lived with that bullet inside of him until he died in 1919.

Divine Intervention

Getting shot is a scary thing to think about. You almost always associate it with death. Somehow these celebrities and politicians were able to bite the bullet and keep pushing. Not everyone is as fortunate as them so we would like to think some divine intervention was involved. Trace Adkins was shot in the lungs and heart and is still alive today — talk about crazy.

Sure, some of them were most likely paranoid after the attacks but they oozed courage by continuing to make public appearances because they needed too, especially the presidents. On the off chance you or anyone you know is ever shot, let us hope you have the same luck as these guys.