‘The Circus House’ In New York Has Been Lost To The Ages

Dubbed the “Circus House” by urban photographer Bryan Sansivero, this abandoned mansion in New York looks like a relic lost to the past. The huge property boasts a main house, what appears to be a decrepit barn with overgrown grape vines, and a cottage. The journey you’re about to take inside and outside of the property will fill you with questions. What did this house use to be? How long has it been abandoned? Who originally owned it? Enjoy these photos of the abandoned Circus House along with our own speculation of what might have happened here.

Ivy Has Overtaken The Exterior

Looking at the outside of the Circus House, you can see nature slowly taking over the property. Ivy has grown up the walls, covering widows along the way. On the right side of the picture, the ivy has even started blanketing the roof.

circus house front of abandoned house
Bryan Sansivero
Bryan Sansivero

For as calm and oddly serene as this nature takeover might seem, the decay that lives inside these walls paints a much different picture full of colorful peeling wallpaper, oddly placed objects, and an underlying sense of dread.