These Vintage Work-Out Photos Will Make You Thankful For Modern Gyms

Exercising has been around since the dawn of man. Although in the beginning, early humans may not have purposefully ‘exercised’ like we do today, it was still imperative to keep their bodies in healthy shape in order to survive. Now, with so many technological advancements, exercising has become a way to stay healthy and fit when it’s no longer as vitally important as it used to be. In only a matter of decades, exercising has evolved in some crazy ways. From finger lifts to electric horses, see what people used to do to stay in shape and how they differ from today’s workout techniques.

Did you know that boxing kangaroos was a real workout?

Looks Very Effective


We’re not entirely sure what this machine or exercise this is, but we’re certain that you probably won’t find this device in your town’s 24-Hour Fitness. It looks like it could possibly be some sort of resistance machine for leg strengthening. Both of the devices rely on electricity, which pulls the bands to create resistance against the user, forcing them to keep their feet planted. Today, these are most likely not allowed in gyms for fear of people falling on their face and dusting their teeth on some free weights.