Malicious Mothers And The Disturbing Things They Did to Their Children

While the majority of mothers are guilty of raising their voice at their children for running in the house or grabbing their child’s arm a little too tightly, it’s not unusual. However, there are some mothers others that committed such heinous crimes against their own children that they qualify as downright evil individuals. If you want to make yourself feel better as a parent or have the stomach to learn about these horrendous crimes, read on.

Diane Downs

Diane Downs made headlines when her young children, Cheryl, 7, Christie, 8, and Danny, 3, were tragically shot by a stranger. America was stunned by the tragic story – a mother, on a drive with her three kids, when a man with “bushy” hair, waved her down for assistance. When she stopped, she reported, the man carjacked her, killing the children, but only shooting her in the arm.

Authorities quickly revealed that Downs, who had been infatuated and carrying on an affair with a married man, had actually been the one to commit the crime. Today, she’s still in prison, after her daughter Christie — who had miraculously survived — told the true tale of her poor siblings being shot by their mother. Downs has been denied parole twice.

Debra Jenner-Tyler

In Soth Dakota in 1987, using a kitchen knife as a “metal toy airplane”, Debra Jenner-Tyler stabbed her 3-year-old daughter Abby Lynn 70 times, until she was dead. Jenner-Tyler claimed that she committed such violence be she had been working a lot, was under a lot of stress and that her daughter had been acting “very finicky”.

That same year, she was sentenced to life. However, that was reduced to 100 years in 2003. She has been eligible for parole and has been denied unanimously multiple times. mark Marshall, Parole Board member stated, “We are uncomfortable with the remorse she has expressed, and we are uncomfortable with the length of time she’s served in relation to the crime she’s committed.”

Geneice Petty

Geneice Petty entered an Alford plea to involuntary manslaughter in the killing of her 2-month-old son Antoine Flemons, after her husband, Antoine Petty pleaded to first-degree child abuse resulting in death. On the morning of September 21, 2016, the baby was screaming and crying so the husband proceeded to take him out to the balcony of the family’s greenbelt apartment and began punching him in the torso to keep him quiet.

This resulted in the child’s death in which they left his dead body in the family car for 24 hours before his mother Geneice helped her husband bury him in the woods which she later pleaded guilty to. Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for December 13, 2017, and Antoine faces up to 40 years in prison.

Susan Eubanks

Susan Eubanks, in a revenge plot against her ex-husband, opted to kill their four sons, shooting them execution-style at their family home in California. The 1997 murders shocked the nation, with the four boys only being 14, 7, 6, and 4 at the time of their killings. Eubanks then tried to kill herself, by shooting herself in the stomach.

Eubanks, who was convicted of the heinous crimes, supposedly killed the children because of her deep-rooted hatred for her ex-husband. A judge confirmed that this was the reason for her conviction and the punishment of the death penalty. Eubanks currently sits on death row at the Central California’s Women’s Facility.

Andrea Yates

Andrea Yates, one of the most infamous mothers of the past century, shocked Americans when she drowned her five children in their family bathtub, one after the other. According to Yates, the devil had told her to do it. While claiming insanity, Yates recalled the events clearly, confessing that drowning her kids was constantly on her mind.

In the spring of March 2002, she was convicted of the murders. An appeal led to another trial in 2006, where she was found to be not guilty, on the reason of insanity. She currently resides at a state mental facility.

Frances Newton

Frances Newton, a mother of two, was frantic when she contacted police in the spring of 1987, as her entire family, including her husband, had been killed. Newton was convicted of the murders, despite her insistence and never breaking conviction that she had not done it and that the murders were carried out by a drug dealer, whom her husband owed money to. Newton’s guilt was discovered when authorities made the connection that the gun used to kill the young family belonged to a man that she had been seeing.

She had also taken out life insurance policies on the family, only weeks before their deaths. The mother was sentenced to death and died by lethal injection in 2004 after sitting on death row for nearly seventeen years. She never admitted her guilt, despite the overwhelming evidence.

Lianne Smith

Lianne Smith, who killed her two children Daniel and Rebecca, was sentenced to 34 years in jail for what a judge declared as intentional and obviously pre-meditated murders. Smith was sentenced to 15 years for each of their murders, which apparently, she committed because she feared that they would be taken away from her because of her paedophilic partner, Martin Smith.

Smith was reported to be “unhealthily obsessed” with her ex, who later committed suicide in prison to avoid rape charges. The couple was living in Spain at the time of the murders, and today, Smith is still there, serving her sentence in a Spanish prison.

China P. Arnold

china p arnold
Reddit / @eyesaw
Reddit / @eyesaw

In August 2005, Arnold lived with her other children and her boyfriend, Terrel Talley, in a housing complex. They also had her new 29-day-old daughter Paris living with them. After an argument with Talley over the baby’s paternity, Arnold proceeded to put the child in the microwave for what was reported for longer than two minutes in which she died the following day due to her internal injuries. Arnold told investigators that she was intoxicated at the time.

She was arrested, however, released due to a lack of evidence, and then re-arrested in November 2006. Eventually, it was proven that it was, in fact, Arnold and she was convicted of aggravated murder. In September 2008, Arnold was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Susan Smith

In 1995, Susan Smith’s sons went missing. In a story very similar to Downs’ tale, Smith first accused a car hijacker of stealing her car, and kidnapping the two boys, Michael, 3, and 14-month-old Alex. Authorities rushed to find the children, until Smith confessed to the crime about a week later. She had drowned them after they fell asleep, and pushed her car into a lake, but first making sure their seat belts were secure.

Smith went to prison in the summer of 1995 and has been rejected for parole once. In 2024, she’ll have the opportunity to gain parole again. She’s currently imprisoned at Leath Correctional Institution in South Carolina.

Kenisha Berry

In 1988, a pair of Beaumont, Texas dumpster divers pulled out a trash bag with what looked like it had only one plastic baby doll’s leg. As it turns out, it was the corpse of a four-day-old baby boy. The baby’s mouth had been duct taped shut, he was stuffed him into a plastic bag and thrown him in the dumpster where he died of suffocation.

Investigators were unable to get fingerprints off of the bag and the case remained unsolved for 5 years. However, in June 2003, another baby was found abandoned in a ditch covered in hundreds of fire ant bites yet survived. DNA testing eventually proved that both children were the babies of Kenisha Berry. She was sentenced to death in 2004 but re-sentenced for life in prison in 2007.

Michelle Kehoe

In 2008, Michelle Kehoe initially claimed that her two sons had been kidnapped. however, it was later discovered that the Iowan mother herself was responsible for their disappearance. She was found guilty of murder by a jury who heard audiotapes of her son Sean, seven at the time she attempted to kill him.

He Testifies that she had duct taped his eyes and mouth shut before slicing his throat and then proceeded to do the same to his two-year-old little brother Sean, murdering him in the process. The jury deliberated for under two hours and Kehoe now faces a sentence of life in prison without parole.

Megan Huntsman

39-year-old Megan Huntsman of Pleasant Grove, Utah has confessed to fatally strangling and suffocating six of her newborn babies from 1996 to 2006. A tip was given off by her estranged husband and the police searched her house in April 2014.

Inside the house, they found seven dead infants, six of them stuffed into cardboard boxes. The seventh had reportedly been stillborn. records have also shown that apart from a 2011 traffic citation, Huntsman has had no other criminal record. A year later, although it was discovered she was addicted to drugs at the time, the judge handed down the maximum sentence to Megan and she has been sentenced up to life in prison.

Debra Jean Milke

Debra Jean Milke, a mother to a young boy, got her roommate to kill him because he was hindering her lifestyle. Milke said she was bringing her son to see Santa at the mall, dressing him in his favorite outfit, but instead, drove him out to the desert. The roommate, as well as another acquaintance, committed the murder, later blaming each other for the crime.

Debra Jean spent 22 years in prison, awaiting death row before a judge threw out the guilty verdict in pursuit of a new trial. They ruled that the mother did not have a fair trial, as it was unclear if she had been read her Miranda rights, and whether or not she had actually been involved with the crime. She is currently awaiting a new trial.

Casey Anthony

In the summer of 2008, panicked grandmother Cindy Anthony called authorities to report that her granddaughter, Caylee, was missing. Cindy hadn’t seen the 5-year-old child in nearly a month. Cindy’s daughter and Caylee’s mother, Casey, claimed that the child had been abducted weeks prior by a nanny. The story hit national headlines, and Casey was charged with her daughter’s murder.

Casey infamously was acquitted, due to a lack of evidence when the case went to court. Today, Anthony lives a quiet life, away from prying press eyes. She was last spotted in West Palm Beach, Florida, and according to acquaintances, she doesn’t have many friends. She is, however, mother to a small Yorkshire terrier.

Patsy Ann Ramsey

Patsy Ann Ramsey, a mother residing in Boulder, Colorado, made national headlines when her daughter, JonBenét, disappeared from their family home on Christmas Day. Her daughter was later found in their basement, dead of apparent asphyxiation after strangulation. The girl, only five years old, had been involved in the pageant industry due to Patsy’s influence and insistence.

Ramsey was under a media lens for the years after her daughter’s death, constantly accused of the murder, despite being cleared of any suspicion by local and federal authorities. Patsy passed away in 2013 after a long battle with cancer, and it’s still unknown whether or not she had any involvement in her daughter’s death.

Fiona Donnison

On the morning of September 27, 2011, Fiona Donnison walked into Heathfield police station in East Sussex and told the officers that she had killed her two children Elise- 2 and Harry-3. It was discovered that she has smothered them with their bedding the night before and hid their bodies in the back of her car after the breakdown of her relationship with their father.

As it turns out, she used the two children as the “ultimate pawns’ and killed them in order to get revenge on her husband. it is also assumed that she had plans to kill the husband as well, as there were two kitchen knives in the car where the children were found. She has been sentenced to a minimum of 32 years for her crimes.

Robin Lee Row

In 1992, Robin Lee Row turned off the smoke alarm in her apartment where her estranged husband, 10-year-old son, and 8-year-old daughter were living. She then sprayed liquid accelerant all over their home and proceeded to set it ablaze, killing all of them.

However, this situation was extra suspicious because, in 1980, she had collected a $28,000 life-insurance policy for another son who had died when his blankets caught fire from a portable heater. She was eventually convicted of the murder of her husband as well as two children. She is now infamous for being Idaho’s only female Death Row inmate.

Marybeth Tinning

Marybeth Tinning by definition is classified as a serial killer of her own children. Over the years, she allegedly snuffed her children to death one by one over a series of years. In total, she caused the death of nine of her children, over the course of 14 years ending in 1985, one of them was even adopted.

She was confessed to smothering three of them and was convicted of only one of the murders. However, she is still serving a life sentence in prison. She has had numerous attempts for parole, all of which have been denied even though people in prison describe her as being, “The kindest and generous person they have ever met.”

Dena Schlosser

In 2004, Dena Schlosser was arrested after cutting her 10-month-old daughter’s arms with a butchers knife resulting in her death. When she was discovered she was sitting down covered in blood singing Christian hymns. She claimed that God had instructed her to slice her daughters arms off.

Schlosser was diagnosed with postpartum depression after the birth of her youngest child, Maggie and was found not guilty by reason of insanity. She was released from care in 2008 and recommitted to the state hospital in 2010. Since then, she has stayed out of the public eye until 2012, when WFAA-TV Dallas reported she was working at a Walmart under her maiden name. Hours later, she was fired.

Shaquan Duley

In 2010, Shaquan Duley of South Carolina took her two sons of 18 months and two years old to a motel with her. here, she strangled them both with her bare hands before she strapped them into their car seats and rolled the car into a river.

This case is slightly different since usually the mother just drowns the children by driving the car into the water and letting them down. Instead, Duley killed them in a much more personal and sinister way. After her trial, she was sentenced to 35 years in prison.