Amazing Abodes: The Best Home Design Trends of 2016

Home is where the heart is, which makes it super important to have a home that you’re comfortable in. These home design trends made a huge impact in 2016. Do you have any of these hot styles in your home, or do you see incorporating any of them in the future?


These florals are different from your normal trending florals as they are granny floras. They are a flashback to the past with large flowers that remind us of our grandmother’s couch, but with a modern twist. Instead of the dull colors, these have a bright pop of color that will create a focal point in your home. The flowers are designed to have a vintage look, without looking dated.

3 Florals.jpg

They can be dressed up or down, depending on the surrounding décor. These granny floral prints have been spotted on the runway and have transitioned into home décor. Look for granny florals in curtains, rugs, or even as fabric for chairs.

Brass Fixtures

If the matte black fixtures scared you, try brass fixtures. These are also coming back from the past. Brass can be put on almost anything, such as your cabinets, lights, faucets, and showers. Brass makes a bold statement and keeps the colors in the area warm, which is good if you are decorating with a warm color scheme. Brass can be mixed with many different colors, which is why interior designers love it so much (and so do we!).

4 Brass Fixtures.jpg

Another good thing when it comes to brass is it comes in different shades, so you don’t have only the brass that are used to seeing to choose from. There are softer and more mattes tones as well.

Marble Accents

Marble can be a little much, cost wise and looks-wise, if we put it on our floors and our countertops. Furthermore, it is much more difficult to maintain than other types of materials. Yet, if you still like the look of marble, try marble accents. These made a big statement in 2016 and for good reason.

5 Marble Accents.jpg

They made a big hit at the NY NOW showcase with marble accents that ranged from dinnerware to side tables. While marble is slightly more expensive, you can get this trend into your home because you can choose the size of marble accent. For example, a bookend will be cheaper, and lighter, than a side table.

Geometric Wallpaper

Wallpaper has making its comeback into home décor for a while, and in 2016 it was geometric wallpaper. The wallpaper can be used on one wall as a focal point or on a few walls for a unique design. Geometric patterns have a contemporary look and go well when you layer things with them, such as natural fibers. One nice thing is geometric patterns come in all different sizes.

6 Geometric Wallpaper.jpg

You can find big patterns for larger statements or smaller patterns if you want a more intricate design. With so many colors, there really is something for every design style.

Mixing Cabinets

We are used to picking out the same cabinet style throughout the kitchen, but 2016 has seen a shift in this and has starting mixing cabinet types. All one cabinet type does look good, but when you mix two styles together, you can an interesting and unique look that no one else has.

7 Mixing Cabiinets.jpg

This can be done in so many different ways that the possibilities are endless. Try one cabinet for an island and another type of cabinet for your countertops. To take it even further, add some large cabinets in the kitchen with a complementing color. The result is a stunning kitchen that will catch your eye at every turn.

Architectural Details

“Go big in your home” has been the trend for 2016. Architectural details are no longer small and quaint, they are large and loud to make a major statement. Gone are the days of small moldings and trims. Instead, opt for bigger statements such as large windows, floor to ceiling fireplaces, or large moldings on the walls as accents.

8 Large Architectural Details.jpg

To make this work in your home, pair it with sleek furniture to create a natural flow in the room. The best type of furniture to go with large architectural details are modern furniture, which is a good place to start your search.


Bidets made their way back into the bathrooms in 2016 and are going to continue being a trend into 2017. Bidets are placed next to the toilet so you can easily go from one to the other and leave the bathroom completely clean. Bidets are another older style that has come back into trend during 2016.

9 Bidets.jpg

They look sleek next to the toilet so you really don’t think anything of it. Some people might be weirded out by having a bidet in the bathroom at first, but once you start using them, you will never want to be without one again.

Mix Upholstery

2016 really liked to mix things up, and upholstery was no exception. For a custom look, people will use store bought pieces of upholstery and mix them with custom designs. Another option is to use different pieces of store bought upholstery to create your own unique design.

10 Mix Upholstery.jpg

This trend can be taken so many different ways. A big one for 2016 is to mix patterns, just be careful not to go too overboard. But mixing chevrons and polka dots on accent pillows in the bedroom or living room can create and interesting look. There are many possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching upholstery together.

Wall Detail

The year 2016 took wall detail to a whole new level. We saw large and unique wall detail on all different types of walls. This is another trend that is sure to continue into 2017 because it creates such an interesting look in your home while still being simple. Molding can be put on the different walls, such as large squares in a row on the bottom of the wall or fill the entire wall up with the molding design. Another interesting wall design is add wood to the wall.

11 Wall Detail.jpg

The wood can be placed horizontally and in different shades on the wall. There are many options when it comes to creating interesting wall detail.

Simple Living Room

Sick of having all of your electronic in the living room and your family ignoring you? The new trend is moving towards no tech living rooms, which means no television as well. These living rooms can be designed in any way, but the thing they all have in common is there is no technology.

12 Simple Living Room.jpg

Set out books, non-electronic toys for your children, and coloring pages for both children and adults. This will create a cozy atmosphere that your family will want to spend time in, with no technology. If that doesn’t work, make a stack of board games and create mandatory family time.

Comfortable Bathrooms

The bathroom is where you start and end your day so 2016 has taken back the bathroom to make it into a living space. No longer is it just to function in and go through your daily routine, but now it is designed with chairs, chaises, and other pieces of furniture to make it feel like a room you want to be in for a while. Instead of rushing through the day, you can now relax in a space that is designed to speak to you.

13 Comfortable Bathrooms.jpg

Sit for a while and browse through a magazine or reflect on your day at the end of the night in steam from the shower. Either way, you will feel like you never want to leave your bathroom again.

Faux Fur

Who doesn’t love the feel of fur against the skin? Faux fur has come a long way in the recent decades so that it feels pretty much like real fur, without the animal killing. Faux fur is a big design trend in 2016 because of its contemporary and luxurious design. The fur can be used in the bedroom as throws or pillows, or take it out into the living room to make your guests feel comfortable.

14 Faux Fur.jpg

A good thing to think about when adding fur is to put it anywhere that needs texture. If you feel like a room is lacking something, add a faux fur rug or throw.

New Neutrals

When you hear “neutrals,” it can sound pretty boring, but 2016 ramped up the neutrals with new colors. So just what are they? Blush, silver, and pale blue. The blush is soft on the eyes but still has enough color to create a focal point if you want. Pair blush with creams and yellows because it has those two undertones so they all go well together.

15 New Neutrals.jpg

Silver is a good neutral color because it can add texture and elegance to any room. Pale blue is a good palette for a master bedroom and can be paired with metallic golds and earthy browns.

Geometric Furniture

Geometric patterns are not just for wallpaper, they are coming into your furniture as well. Geometric furniture is an easy way to bring a nice focal point into your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Besides being something unique to look at, they can also be very practical. Geometric shelves are interesting because they can hold various size objects while having a visual appeal unlike anything else in your house.

16 Geometric Furniture.jpg

Side tables or coffee tables can also be geometric in shape and some are even stackable, making them ideal for smaller spaces. There are many types of designs that you are sure to find something that suits your style and allows you to create a nice flow in your room.

Global Textiles

We saw the global design in clothing a couple of years ago and now these designs have made it into our homes. Think of designs from all around the globe added into your home. Etsy is a great place to find these patterns, from rugs to ottomans to throw pillows. Some of these are authentic and vintage pieces where others are reproductions using decorative fabrics.

17 Global Textiles.jpg

The authentic pieces are going to cost a little more than the replicas, but can still brighten up a boring room. Pick textiles from one region or an a few different regions depending on your preference and interior design.

Wood Countertops

Wood is a timeless look and there are many things you can do with it when you use it as a countertop. There is eco-friendly wood or more exotic woods, depending on your budget and preference. Furthermore, you can choose from light, medium, and dark shades or combine them all together for a unique look.

18 Wood Countertops.jpg

Wood countertops can be used on islands or you can do your entire kitchen in wood for a contemporary look. The wood countertops do need to be oiled every few months to keep them maintained, so they may take a little more attention than some surfaces, but they look stunning.

Colorful Kitchens

Want to step your kitchen up a bit? 2016 did by adding color into open kitchens. No longer do you have to stick with boring stainless steel and wood colored cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can be virtually any color you want them to be, red, blue, or even yellow. The only limit is your imagination.


Pair these colorful cabinets with a toned down backsplash with dashes of the cabinets’ color thrown it to create a cohesive look. The nice thing about adding color into your kitchen is it brightens up the space, makes it cheery, and makes people want to spend time there.

Open Walls

Speaking of the kitchen, do you want to just get rid of the cabinets altogether? Open walls are trending for 2016 and will still be in 2017. Keeping cabinets out of your kitchen will open up the space and create a modern/industrial look. Open shelving still allows you to store everything you need, but with a sleek design. Furthermore, you can put a unique tile design behind the shelving to create a nice look with the shelving and space.

20 Open Kitchen Walls.jpg

If you don’t want too many shelves, try using hooks to hang your pans and utensils. There are many different options when it comes to open kitchens.

Black Stainless Steel

Gone are the days of shiny stainless silver stainless steel, because black stainless steel replaced them. The black appliances give a modern look and can be paired with many different colors. White cabinets with black appliances is a popular combination for 2016. To take this design one step further, go with the matte black appliances.

1 Black Stainless Steel.jpg

Matte black made a big appearance in 2016 and should continue on into 2017. If black appliances are too much for you, try going with fixtures first. Put them on your cabinets, choose it as your sink facet color, or to accent your lighting in your kitchen.

Livable Material

A big trend for 2016 was the shift from high-maintenance materials to using those that are low-maintenance. It seems our lives get busier every year and our living spaces reflect that. Now, with low-maintenance and easy-to-clean materials, we don’t have to worry about guests spilling drinks or dogs running around on the floors. These materials are easier to clean and don’t require you to resurface the floors every few years.

2 Engineered quartz.jpg

You can truly live in your home without damaging anything. Designers now think out of the box and use materials such as engineered quartz, laminate flooring, and composite decking.