Awesome Ideas for Decorating with Succulents

Coffee Table Center Piece

1 Succulents on coffee table.jpg

Succulents as centerpieces go great in a living room, dining room, or even an outdoor space like a patio. All you have to do is choose a container that compliments your decor and add the succulents to it. Once you are done, set it out and let your guests admire your handy work.

Family Room Center Point

21 Family Room Center Piece.jpg

Here is another example of a coffee table that is full of succulents to create a center point. The glass table makes the perfect container to hold your succulents and your drinks. This look is elegant for both indoor and outdoor family entertaining areas.

Make a Wall Piece

2 Wall pice.jpg

Plants are not just for the table or floor anymore, they can be hung on the wall. It is easy to make a planter box where your succulents will fit nicely while keeping them in place. Since succulents come in so many varieties, you will find the right ones to hang on your wall.

Frame the Succulents

22 Frame Succulents.jpg

A nice frame around the wall succulents can really make them stand out. Depending on the type of setup you have, you may be able to change the frame out from time to tome or paint it different colors when you change your decor. Choose succulents that complement the frame.

Simple Centerpieces

3 Simple Center Piece.jpg

Sometimes you just need something simple to add to your kitchen table without taking up too much room. Just add a succulent into a clear glass bowl and you have a beautiful (and cheap) centerpiece for your table. In this case, less definitely makes a bigger statement.

Rustic Centerpieces

23 Succulent Centerpieces.jpg

If you have some extra wood lying around or can find reclaimed wood, this is a simple centerpiece to make. The wood gives the centerpiece a nice rustic feel and the succulents compliment that. Make them as large or small as you want and choose colors that fit your style.

Turn Shutters into a Statement

4 Shutters and succulents.jpg

Want to make a statement with your succulents but aren’t sure what to use? Find some used shutters at a garage sale or flea market and turn them into a planter. Paint the shutters to the color of your liking and hang or prop the shutter up inside or outside.

Double Shutters

24 Double Shutters.jpg

Why stop at just one shutter if you can do two? There are endless possibilities with two shutters. A couple ideas are to create a focal point with matching succulents or to make a complementing piece by choosing different varieties and colors. The shutters can be painted to suit your style as well.

Layer Your Succulents

5 Layer Succulents.jpg

Since succulents come in all shapes and sizes, you can layer them to create an interesting effect. Here are a few different species of succulents that fit nicely together in a planter pot. The planter complements the colors in the succulents nicely, so that is something to think of too.

Layers and Layers

25 Succulent Layers.jpg

There is not limit to how many succulents you can layer. Combine tall ones, medium sized ones, and mini ones all in one large planter pot to make the ultimate layered succulent garden. Different colors can be used to break up the heights as well.

Hang Your Succulents

6 Hang your succulents.jpg

Sometime we don’t always have room on our surfaces to add plants, what is the solution? Create an interesting focal point by hanging your succulents in glass balls from the ceiling. They can be as large or as small as you want.

Hang with Different Containers

26 Different Containers.jpg

Different containers will create a unique effect with each type of succulent you put in them. Try to find two or three various containers to put your succulents in so they will create an interesting effect when hanging from the ceiling. Hang them at varying lengths to further add interest.

Line Them Up

7 Line them up.jpg

If you have a long table, line the succulents up in the middle. The line will elongate the table to create a larger looking table. It also creates sleek lines that will give your home a modern twist with a rustic design. There are a lot of possibilities with this type of decoration.

Different Lines

27 line them up.jpg

Instead of only straight lines, add some wavy lines into the mix for something a little different. The modern look has straight and sleek designs, but that can be slightly broken up with the burlap liner. Play around with different liners to find the one that best suits your style.

Outdoor Potted Plants

8 outdoor potted succulents.jpg

The great thing about succulents is they can be grown indoors or outdoors as they are very hardy. When planting them in a container, it is a good idea to add a slow-release granular fertilizer to give them a little extra boost from the transfer.

Many Outdoor Options

28 many outdoor options.jpg

Planters come in many shapes and sizes, as do succulents. This can create an interesting combination when you start combining the colors of succulents as well. Find your favorite and place the pots indoors, outdoors, or both.

Greet Your Guests

9 Greet your guests.jpg

What better way to greet your guests into your home with a garden of succulents? This walkway is lined with all different types so guests can gaze at the various varieties as they walk past. The colors nicely compliment the home, which is something to keep in mind when choosing succulents.

Simple Entryway

29 simple entryway.jpg

The entryway to your home does not have to be covered with succulents, but they can make a nice statement by your door. Here they are not all crowded together like some other designs we have seen, so that is something to keep in mind as well. Think about how much room you have and what space will look like near your door.

Vine Succulents

10 vine like succulents.jpg

There is something beautiful about vine succulents, and there many possibilities with them as well. They can be placed on a pot on the floor, on a table, or hung from the ceiling to create a nice atmosphere above you. This pink succulent would go perfectly in a living room or dining room.

Standing Planter

30 vine suculents.jpg

A standing planter is another perfect place to put a vine succulent. The vines will naturally flow down the side creating a waterfall look. The planter can be placed inside or outside, depending on where you want this look. It can add a touch of nature and color to an entryway or a dining room.

Built-in Succulents

11 built in succulents.jpg

Succulents can be built-in to many different types of table tops. Use them as a permanent centerpiece for your kitchen table or create a focal point in your living room by placing them in the middle of your coffee table. Either way, they will look amazing inside of the structure.

Dining Room Table Built-in

31 built-in table.jpg

A farm table made of reclaimed wood is the perfect place to put built-in succulents. This is another piece of furniture that would look great either indoors or outdoors. It would make a nice gathering piece and talking point when guests come over for dinner parties.

A Succulent Fountain

12 Succulent fountain.jpg

How cool is this succulent fountain? This garden was built using an old fountain and planting succulents on each level. The longer the succulents had to grow, the more beautiful and bountiful the garden grew. This would be perfect on an outdoor patio.

Large or Small

32 fountain.jpg

The succulent fountain doesn’t have to be completely covered in succulents. Plant a few small and large succulents on the different tiers. Vine succulents can be added at various points to break up the look, but you can keep it as simple or busy as you want.

Outdoor Patio Oasis

13 Outdoor patio oasis.jpg

Outdoor patios should be a place where you can go and relax, so what makes them more special? Succulents just give them a little extra boost so you can feel like you are in an oasis without having to do lots of work to maintain the plants.

Abundance of Succulents

33 patio.jpg

Since succulents come in all shapes and sizes, you can create an outdoor patio space that looks like the one above. Some of them may be more mature, so if you are just starting your garden out, don’t get discouraged. It will bloom in no time.

Create a Stunning Entrance

14 Create a Stunning Entrance.jpg

Agaves come in a few different colors so you can find the right ones to create a stunning entrance to our front or back sidewalk. They grow large and come in varying hardiness. These plants make the perfect focal point in any garden.

Add Landscaping

34 entance.jpg

Put a succulent in the middle of landscaping to create an interesting effect. A simple succulent in the middle of this design will catch anyone’s eye who is walking up to your house. You may need to hire a professional landscaper to create this effect but it will be worth it.

Spice up the Bedroom

15 Spice up the bedroom.jpg

Spice up the bedroom by adding succulents to your decor. They can be placed on the nightstand or on a dresser to add a little greenery. Most of the time, the master bedroom is neglected when it comes to greenery so don’t be afraid to add some with succulents.

Design a Reading Nook

35 edroom.jpg

In this bedroom, there is a shelf of succulents next to a chair to create a cozy reading nook. This can be done in a few different ways. A large cozy chair with succulents hanging around you would work just as well. It all depends on what your style is. Use this photo as a jumping off point to design your own.

Create a Living Wall

16 Living wall.jpg

Instead of creating a small wall space of succulents, create an entire wall. A living wall is the perfect addition to any home and will make an airy atmosphere with any home decor. Mix and match different plant types and colors to create one interesting focal point.

Take it a Step Further

36 living wall.jpg

This living wall is made with designs inside of it, creating a stunning visual effect. The creation may need to be done by a professional unless you have a green thumb. The succulents can be made into many different shapes so use your imagination and go crazy.

Succulents on a Deck

17 Succulents on a deck.jpg

Succulents on a patio are great, but they also look nice on the deck. They can be placed in a single pot or combine them all in one planter box. Make sure they get the appropriate amount of sun/shade depending on the variety you choose. This will also give you lots of options when placing your plants on the deck.

Planter on the Deck

37 deck.jpg

Have a small deck? No problem. This small planter holds succulents nicely while still having enough room to store your belongings. The planter box can be homemade to fit your deck or find one to purchase at a store, depending on how handy you are.

Succulent Arch

18 Succulent Arch.jpg

A succulent arch is sure to get anyone’s attention, even if it is just your own. Set it up to be a piece in your wedding or place it in your garden as a centerpiece for the backyard. Add a bench underneath and you have the perfect place to read a book.

Make a Pergola

38 arch.jpg

Make a pergola and add succulents to it if you don’t want to cover an entire arch with the plants. This leaves the rest of the area open if you want to add lace or other decorations. There are many possibilities when it comes to decorating the pergola with succulents and other accents.

Mini Succulent Garden

19 Mini Succulent Garden.jpg

Succulents come in all shapes and sizes, which is why mini succulent gardens are so perfect if you are looking for something that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Place a lot of mini succulents in a small potting plant and watch your garden grow.

Mini Style

39 mini succulents.jpg

The succulent garden doesn’t have to be all in one planter. Create a mini succulent garden with single succulents in single planters. The white creates a sleek, modern design. Yet, you can play around with different color planters and succulents to personalize your garden.

Single Elegance

20 Single Elegance.jpg

Instead of creating an entire succulent garden, use just one succulent to create simple elegance. It can be placed in a pot or a different type of planter depending on your decor. It creates more of a modern design and can be combined with other single succulents.

Single Plant

40 single.jpg

There is something gorgeous about a single plant. Whether it is sitting on the counter or as an accent to a side table, this succulent creates a nice effect. Find the one that fits your style and add a few around the house to create visual interest when you enter the room.