DIY Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Try

Thanksgiving is one of the most fun holidays. The family you have not seen in some time comes around and if you’re lucky enough to be a guest, you get to eat an amazing meal for free! Dressing up in your holiday best is always fun, and the vibes all around are just great.

turkeys and stuff.jpg

Unlike Christmas, there are not that many decorations that are needed for Thanksgiving. There aren’t any lights you need to hang on your roof. Simple decorations or ornaments for inside your house and maybe on your porch of the house is all that is called for during Thanksgiving. If you were feeling creative, then here is an amazing list of DIY decorations you should try.

The Antler Piece

Round up a few smaller sized pumpkins, a few candles, and do not forget the antlers! This is a festive look for the fall season and can be implemented from October until around Christmas.

Antler piece.jpg

The materials can be picked up from most craft stores, and if you are not sure where to find these items, Google will always be your buddy. The white on white adds a nice effect and is oddly pleasing to the eye. The dried hydrangeas can be optional or you can replace them with another item that looks similar. Remember, this is DIY so have fun with it.

Keep It Simple with the Books

Do you have a few books laying around the house? If yes, then all you need now is a few candles and a mini pumpkin and you got yourself a DIY decoration.

book and candle.jpg

As you see in the picture, all this takes is a few books, so you don’t have to use your entire book collection. And when it comes to the candles, the colors you choose have to be in season, of course. For the most part, you can decide how high you want the books to stack and if you want to decorate the candles, but this idea is fairly simple to master.

Flower in a Can

This can cost the total of fifteen dollars and is very convenient. If you have a few food cans in your cabinet that you know you are not going to eat then you are already half way there. It’s best if you use different size cans, but again it is up to you. And come to think about it, just save the food cans you use after you eat the contents if you can remember to do so!

cans with flowers.jpg

Here is a list of items you will need for this project: empty, cleaned food cans of varying sizes, pliers, a hot-glue gun, glue sticks, and dried corn husks. Have fun!

Flower Crowns

Gather up a few fake hollow pumpkins and you will be able to use this idea for years to come. All it takes is a bit of screwing around (literally and figuratively) and some carving skills. The obvious item you will need is color appropriate flowers to crown the pumpkins with.

flower crowns.jpg

What you will need to do is screw some holes around the center of the pumpkin and put the flower stems through those holes. You are going to carve a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and add the water-filled floral picks to the inside of the pumpkin.

Candle Line Design

This is the what you do if you want to deviate away from complex dinner table designs. It really does not take a lot of items to complete this and even the biggest decorative spirits are able to appreciate this.

oranges candles.jpg

Head to your local crafts store and look for small candles, fake pinecones, and leaves. You might want to go to your grocery store for the tangerines. This simple yet festive table decoration quietly welcomes your guests to the table without the extra mess of those elaborate decorations. You may want to try this style for more than a year because of the low maintenance.

Leafy Candles

These items are dirt cheap, but it definitely doesn’t mean that they are in any way lame. In fact, these candles are as festive as it gets while remaining classily simple. They do not even have to solely stay on the dinner table as you can place a few around the house to spruce up the ambiance of your house.

candle wrapped with leaves.jpg

Head to the dollar store and get any sort of string so that you can tie the fake autumn leaves around any size of candle you wish. These candles will suffice if you are trying to do the minimum for decorations, so get as many as you like.

Fruit in a Box

The box you see in the image below is actually an old wine crate. You have one of those to spare, don’t you? If not, you can head to the craft store or anywhere you know that sells materials of this kind. The next step is deciding on which tone of fruit you want to add in.

fruit in a box.jpg

You can go with the purple and use plums and grapes and black currants, but there are other choices also. You could go for red and get strawberries, cherries, and raspberries. One of the best perks about this decoration is that it is ready to eat!

Cute Copper Pumpkins

You are going to need copper tape and the mini pumpkins for this one. Those are the only items that may need some extra searching to find but as far as the flowers and candle holders go, you can pick those up with ease.

Copper wrapped pumpkin with colorful.jpg

This is more of the complex decorations, but as you can see, it is totally worth it. Your guest will adore it and it will put a smile on your face every morning you wake up and see it. And when someone asks who decorated it for you, that is when you say you did it yourself.

Pumpkin Vase

Step away from ordinary with this idea. Throw out those plain vases and step your festive game up with the faux pumpkin. Go out and grab real or fake decorative flowers (if you don’t have a green thumb, maybe go with dried or fake so you do not have to water them) and stick them in a mid-sized pumpkin. The white pumpkin adds a flair to it but you can get the classic orange, too.

pumpkin vase.jpg

If you do decide to go faux flowers then this is a decoration you store in your garage or wherever and re-use it for many years to come. A simple yet eye-pleasing decoration awaits you.

Glittered Pumpkin

Did someone say glittered pumpkin? You are in luck because this is indeed a glittered pumpkin that will have you feeling very good about yourself once you finish creating it. Because it is holiday season you will find it very easy to locate the glitter spray needed for this masterpiece at your local craft store, so do not worry. You can even add your own ribbon attached with a scrapbook brad to personalize the pumpkin.

Glittered Pumpkin.jpg

The whole list of materials needed is listed right here: styrofoam pumpkins, hole saw, drill, spray primer, glitter spray paint, clear spray, tea light candles, a brad or thumbtack.

Outdoor Homage

This style is true to autumn with its traditional fall colors. In a few of the past ideas, they have been a bit more modernized but this one is true. The items used appear to be only for Thanksgiving, but they can also be utilized during other occasions so do not worry about that.

wood place holders.jpg

You see that the plates are resting on top of wood round chargers, which is something you do not see all the time. There are also different heights of the wood rounds. The lower ones are for the plates and the higher ones would be used to hold the food.

Festive Candle Holders

Would you look at this beauty? Here’s a decorative piece that doesn’t take much time or effort, but it still makes a nice statement on your Thanksgiving table. This creation only take a mere five minutes to make so you can whip it up the day your guests arrive. Or if you’re busy in the kitchen, you can enlist a family member to do it for you.

candle with nuts.jpg

Here is what you’ll need to make these candle holders: three hurricanes glasses (one each small, one medium, and one large), three one-pound bags of unshelled nuts (walnuts, almonds. and chestnuts), and three pillar candles.

Easy-To-Make Candle

The dollar store just might be your best friend when it comes to DIY decorations this holiday season. Whenever you see great ideas on the internet, chances are you can find the items used to create them for cheap prices. Don’t go out and spend an obscene amount of cash to get these things done. Honestly, how much do you really think unpopped popcorn costs?

filled candles.jpg

Here is what you’ll need to make these cute candles: raffia, unpopped popcorn, two candles, and two glass candle jars.

Harvest Center Piece

This centerpiece captures all of the essential elements fo fall. It includes warm lighting, colorful leaves, pumpkins, squash, pinecones, and earth tones galore. And, it is just begging for you to recreate it and use it for your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Because if you do, your house will be filled with the holiday spirit and your guests will surely compliment you on it. You can even throw potpourri in the mix to add a nice smell to your home. Cinnamon and clove scented, of course.

feast center piece.jpg

Here is a list of the items that are needed for this decoration: votive candles, a large wooden bowl, pine cones, a burlap runner, gourds, ornamental corn, and turkey feathers

Pumpkins and Pinecones

This classy arrangement takes ten minutes and only costs 10 dollars. The only problem you should encounter is figuring out exactly where to showcase it! This piece is one of the more likable ones because it is not too excessive but it still has an added flair to it. You really can’t go wrong with it. Whoever sees this might immediately take the idea for themselves.

pinecones and pumpkins.jpg

Here’s what you will need: a bag of pinecones and acorns, fake pumpkins, a glass vase, an unfinished wooden candlestick base, spray paint for the candlestick, base, pumpkins, and glue.

Menu Pumpkin

This idea was inspired by a woman whose parents had these nifty menu holders at their house when she was younger. She loved them very much. She says this idea is great for any get to together you have coming up for the holidays and you do not need that much to get it done. Simply paint your Thanksgiving menu right on the face of a pumpkin, set it on the table, and you’re good to go.

menu pumpkin.jpg

Here is all you need to make it: a big pumpkin, some paint, and a paintbrush.

Acorn Tree

For this one you may have to get a little adventurous. Go for a walk and take off some branches that look like they can be suitable for your masterpiece. Be careful not to go on anyone’s property!

acorn tree.jpg

Then you will need to go to the dollar store and get a midsized flower pot and find and old sweater you don’t like. You will wrap the sleeve of that sweater around the flower pot. Next, you simply hot glue the acorns or pinecones on the branches as well as small flower petals. Don’t forget to fill the pot with small river rocks!

Candle Log

Head to your backyard and pick the nicest looking log you can see. Pick up some fall-colored leaves while you are at it. Once you have all your materials, the total time it takes to make this is only about five minutes. Don’t let the elegance of this candle holder fool you; the process is relatively easy. Just make sure not to hurt yourself when using the drill!


Also, the other decorations are optional because you can just leave it as the log filled with candles if you like.To make your set look like the one in the picture you will need these items: sugar pumpkins, pinecones, berries, artificial leaves, a drill, and a few candles

Which Will You Choose?

Now you have a few ideas in your brain. Which one will you choose? Maybe you could try a different one each year or swap out every month. With so many options, you’ll never be at a loss as to how to decorate for Thanksgiving again.

pumpkins on a pedestal.jpg

Whatever decorations you decide upon, just know you will be satisfied with the end result. You did it yourself and did not have to spend too much, which is always a desirable victory. Be sure to share this post to those who you think will love these ideas and will love you even more for giving them ideas they have not thought of before!