Feng Shui Your Way To A Happier Life

The Purpose Of Feng Shui


Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing energies and improving one’s good fortune. For over 3,000 years, people have been using the space within their homes and workplace to boost their creative energy and to attract love, money, and all around success.

When used properly, feng shui can completely turn your life around.

Start In The Bedroom


When it comes to bringing about a positive change using feng shui, most people begin with their bedrooms. It is that one personal space which most of us have the most control over and where we won’t be judged for our sense of style. It is also where we spend roughly 318 months of our lives.

Choice Of Color


You want your bedroom to have a soothing and relaxing atmosphere so that you can get better sleep. Begin by choosing a warm earth tone for your walls. Soft browns are soothing and peach or coral tones are inviting. Light greens, light blues, and soft purples can make a room feel tranquil.

Avoid painting your walls in hard, vibrant colors because bright colors will interfere with your sleep.



Your bed should have a headboard on it. Avoid any small headboards and think big. Try and stick with a solid wood headboard because wood is soft and earthy. It represents strength and security. Also, avoid headboards that have bars or holes in them. The first will spiritually imprison your mind and the latter will allow negative energies to enter into the top of your head.

Head Of The Bed


The head of the bed should be against the wall for extra security while you sleep. Keep the bedroom door as far away as possible from where your head position will be, but keep the door in your sightline. These beliefs come from a time when people had to consider how they slept because of the risk of nighttime attacks, but they still make sense in today’s world.

Avoid The Window


As tempting as it may be, avoid placing the head of the bed in front of a window. The reason for this has to do with the disruptive energy coming in through the window. From animals to different weather patterns, all of these can disturb your sleep and negatively affect your dreams.

The Bedroom Mirror


The bedroom mirror should not reflect your body when you are in bed. If it does, it is said to cause nightmares and sleeping problems. If it is not possible to place the mirror somewhere else in your bedroom, then simply cover it up with a white sheet while you are resting or being intimate with your partner.

Cut Out The Clutter


A cluttered bedroom leads to a cluttered mind and sleeplessness. Clutter can disrupt your sleep just as much as noise from the outdoors can cause you to wake up. Keep your bedroom clutter free and clean. Doing this will allow you to relax and have much needed peaceful sleep.

Bedrooms Are Not For Workouts


Keeping exercise equipment in your bedroom is a bad idea all around. When you are trying to sleep, you won’t be able to fully relax because of the exercise energy in the room. When it comes time to exercise, you won’t be able to come up with all the good energy you need to work out. That is because the bed harbors sleep energy. Keep your workouts in a separate area.

Positive Art


When choosing art to decorate your bedroom walls, choose images that are positive. Art that shows love, healing, happiness, and beauty are all images that you want to surround yourself with when you are asleep. Stay away from art that shows loneliness, war, or any forms of destruction. It will not only negatively affect your sleep, but it will carry on into your day to day life.



Keep the lighting in your bedroom soft and gentle. Avoid any bright, glaring lights because these can interrupt the soothing energies of your bedroom. Candlelight is the best lighting for the bedroom because it is soft and creates an intimate atmosphere. Use candles that are toxin-free and keep lit candles away from walls, curtains, or anything else that could catch on fire.

Close It


Close everything up at night before going to sleep. This includes the bedroom door, closet door, windows, and drawers. Keeping these things open at night can disrupt the energy flow in your bedroom and cause you to have a disruptive sleep cycle. It also allows the positive energy flow to escape and lets a negative energy flow into your bedroom.

Open The Window Upon Waking


When you get up, it is time to open up the bedroom window and let the fresh air in. As you sleep, the bedroom fills up with carbon dioxide. Instead of letting the bad air remain until your next sleeping cycle, flush it out. Whether it is winter or summer, opening the window for at least an hour each day is healthier for you than leaving it closed and trapping in the carbon dioxide.

The Bathroom Energy Drain


Many people who practice feng shui are very careful about their bathroom. This is because there is so much water draining out of the bathroom. Water symbolizes wealth and having it drain out of the home symbolizes the loss of wealth. If you are not careful, all the good, positive energy you have built into your home can get washed out in the bathroom.

Close The Door


People don’t want their wealth energy being flushed down the toilet or washed down the drains. They want to keep that positive energy flowing through their home and they do this by simply keeping the bathroom door shut at all times. This is one of the simplest things to do to prevent energy loss, but you can also create positive energy flow in the bathroom so that it does not drain out of your home.

Mirror On The Door


To prevent money energy from entering the bathroom and being flushed out of the home, hang a mirror on the bathroom door. By hanging a mirror on the outside of the door, the positive energy in the home will bounce off the mirror and continue its circulation throughout the rest of the home instead of escaping through a drain.

Out With The Old And Broken


Because the bathroom is such an incredible energy drain, you want to fix and remove anything that is old, outdated, or broken in this room. Fix broken faucets to prevent more money energy from going down the drain. Immediately fix the toilet if it is running. Broken blinds or worn out curtains also need to be replaced with newer items to brighten up the bathrooms energy.

Air Quality


If possible, open up the bathroom window for about one hour each day. This clears out the negative energy and allows fresh clean air inside the room. If there is no window in the bathroom, use natural air fresheners to clean up the air. Orange or floral scents work best in the bathroom. Homemade, natural potpourri can be used instead of chemical sprays to make the bathroom smell nice.

Hang A Crystal


While it is easy for energy to be drawn downwards and out of the house through the bathroom, you can counteract that action by hanging a crystal. Hang a crystal in the center of the bathroom, about six inches down from the ceiling. The crystal will pull the positive energy upwards, preventing it from being flushed out of the home.

The Healthy Kitchen


In feng shui, the kitchen is at the heart of the family’s health. While the ideal feng shui kitchen is built from scratch, most of us cannot afford to rip out a kitchen and replace it. Instead, there are many little things you can do to boost the health energies that are essential to you and your family’s well-being.

Kitchen Colors


Changing the color of your kitchen walls is one of the easiest ways to increase the positive energy in your home. Choice kitchen colors include different shades of white, yellows, oranges, reds, soft gray, and dark brown. If you are renting and can’t change the color of your kitchen walls, add colored accessories, such as yellow dishtowels, to the room to brighten up the energy.

Bright Artwork


Decorate the kitchen walls with bright, energizing artwork. Images of living nature, plants and flowers, and brightly colored animals boost the energy levels of the kitchen. Since the focus is on creating positive health energies, only hang up artwork showing healthy people and wildlife. Dark and upsetting images in the kitchen will drain the health energies in the home.

Healthy Houseplants


If possible, keep living plants in the kitchen and dining areas. Plants help boost the living energy inside the home. Avoid keeping unhealthy houseplants in this area because they will lower the health energy. Also, keep your plants clean and free of dust and dead leaves. Place the potted plants in an east or south facing window to increase the home’s prosperity.

Refrigerator Door


You probably use the refrigerator door to hang up notes and pictures. That is great, but only to a point. While the ultimate refrigerator door is totally free of clutter, that is just not a possibility for most people. Instead, focus on keeping the door itself clean and start rotating the content you keep on the door. Remove old notes and change up the pictures about once or twice a week to keep the energy flow energetically refreshing.

Mirror And Copper Pots


When choosing to hang a mirror in the kitchen, choose a spot where the mirror will reflect the stove’s burners. This is a quick way to double the money attracting energy in the home. It is the same with copper pots. This shiny, earthly metal attracts positive energy and helps improve the home’s finances.

Dining Room Abundance


Not many modern families use or have a dining room anymore. If you are one of the few who makes use of the dining room for family meals, there is one quick trick you can do right now. Hang a mirror in the dining room that reflects the dining room table. By reflecting back twice as much food, the mirror creates abundance inside the home.

Bright Living Room


The living room is the center of happiness, wealth, and peace. It is the one area inside the home where the family can relax together. It is also where we entertain our guests. You want your living room to be inviting. Keep the area bright and allow as much natural sunlight as you possibly can.

Mirror In The Living Room


In feng shui, you should not put a mirror behind the sofa because it disrupts the flow of energy. Place the mirror where it will reflect something pleasing. It can reflect the scenery from outside the window if there is a tree or a garden.

If you have a water fountain in your living room, have the mirror reflect the fountain to increase the home’s prosperity.

Wall Paintings


The artwork you hang in the living room should show relaxing, positive images. Include landscapes, flowers, fish, and birds on your walls. Portraits should show smiling, happy faces to produce more positive energy. Avoid hanging up artwork showing battles or aggression. These will draw in negative energy and can cause family arguments.

Coffee Table


Keep your coffee table free of excessive clutter to help promote harmony. To create an atmosphere of wealth, place a clear bowl on the coffee table and fill it with coins or natural crystals. If you have a small child and don’t want a bowl full of small objects, you can replace it with any object that represents wealth to you and your family.



While many people like to put family pictures in the bedroom, feng shui says this is a bad idea. Only photos of you and your life partner should be kept in the intimacy of the bedroom. The best place to hang up family photos is in the hallways of your home. Hallways bring the home together, connecting the rooms. Family photos are connections to the people you love and should be hung in the hallways to maintain that tight bonding.

The Front Door


The front door provides a barrier between your home and the outside world. In feng shui, you can control the energies you allow into your home. Keep your front door area free of clutter and debris. Broom off the porch to keep negative energy from entering your sacred space. Your doormat should also be kept clean, bright, and inviting.

Water Fountain At The Front Door


Water is wealth in feng shui. To increase the wealth inside your home, place a table top water fountain by your front door so that you pass through the money energy each time you leave or walk in your front door. You can also set up an outdoor water fountain near your front door for the same purpose.

Flowers By The Door


You want your front door to be inviting. In fact, you want to approach your front door and feel the desire to enter it. A bland entrance will put you in a bland mood when you reach your home. Soften the experience by placing plants or blooming flowers on each side of the door. Matching statues on each side of the door also create an inviting entrance that can boost your mood and the vibe inside the home.

Clean The Windows


Windows give you a clear view of the outside world unless you have allowed them to get dirty. Keep your windows clean year round by washing them with vinegar and water. Let the full energy of the sun enter your home so you can keep your vision clear inside and outside of the home. Natural sunlight not only brightens up your home, but it burns away negative energy.

Office Space


Whether you have an office in your home or you work in a cubicle in a large building, you want your work space to be a stress-free, productive area. Even though there are a few positive changes you can make in a corporate setting, feng shui can still help you out with this through your lighting choices and desk setting.

Choose Natural Lighting


Whenever possible, choose natural lighting for your office space. Natural sunlight helps clear the brain fog and boosts your work energy. If natural sunlight is not possible where you work, make an effort to step into the natural sunlight during your breaks. This will help ease headaches caused by overhead lighting and it will help clear and reenergize your mind.

A Fountain And Plants


When possible, add plants to your workspace. This is easiest when your office is in your home, but if you have a window at work, use it to grow some green. Plants bring revitalizing energy to the workspace. Fountains will also help energize your work area. A small water fountain can soothe your nerves and help you focus on work. If possible, place it near the entrance to your office or cubicle so that you pass through the positive energies each time you leave or enter your space.

Organize Your Desk


It goes without saying that your desk setting is crucial to your work success. Remove all clutter from your desk and keep the desktop itself clean. Organize your files and tools so that they are readily handy. Keep your drawers organized and free of junk to help keep a positive energy flow while you are working. To attract wealth, place a vase full of crystals or change in the back left corner of your desk.

Feng Shui For Life


When you first decide to learn about using feng shui to change your life, it can be a little overwhelming. Many times there is conflicting information about what you should or should not do. View all the guidelines to setting up a positive home and workspace, and then use only what makes the most sense to you.