House Boats That Make You Want to Live By the Sea

The house with a yard and the white picket fence isn’t the life for everyone. And what better way to have a killer view of the water, then physically being on it? These home owners have it figured out, living in a house boat.

Houseboat ‘Mercurius’

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 8.44.16 AM.jpg

All you have to do is quit your boring, time-consuming job and move to Amsterdam. Yes, marijuana is legal in this wonderful city. You are probably thinking, “Perfect, I can smoke so many doobies in Houseboat ‘Mercurius.'” You would be wrong. There is absolutely no smoking in Houseboat ‘Mercurius’.

The Amenities

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So, you can’t smoke in this house boat. But this floating palace is right in the middle of the city and right next to the Red-Light District — if you’re into that sort of thing… You have three beds to sleep in and two toilets to choose from. Also, there is a large Jacuzzi on the deck, a dishwasher, and tea and coffee.

Quaint and Cozy

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This house boat appears small (and it is), but don’t judge a book by its cover. On the outside it looks like a glorified, floating dog house, but the interior looks and feels like a mansion. This boat can handle your Great Dane, plasma wide screen TV, or a King-sized mattress.

Size Does Not Matter

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.38.43 AM.jpg

With dimensions of 28.5′ long by 10.5′ wide, the possibilities are nearly endless. This house boat is most likely not suitable for a family, but perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette. With a fireplace intact, you can take this floating compact home to Antarctica. Or anywhere for that matter!

Live Like Huckleberry Finn


Excavate down the Mississippi in style. This house boat is more than enough to make Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer jealous. This modern-day raft will turn heads with a look that is both old-fashioned and relevant. If this thing doesn’t make you want to live by the sea, I don’t know what will.

Little House on the Fairy


Live the American Dream… on the water! White picket fence, family and kids, and a deck with a grill. Forget being stuck in the same house the rest of your life in the suburbs. Take this little house on the fairy to just about anywhere with a body of water.

Houseboat Johanna Kornelia


Skip the hotel! Here is a spacious bed and breakfast for you and your honey. Ahoy, matey! Wake up to the morning with scolding hot coffee on this house boat that rests on the Westerdok in Amsterdam. Every Saturday you can expect an organic farmers’ market within a ten-minute walk.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


This cozy boat breathes nautical perfection. Just imagine spending your weekend aboard this beautiful boat with some tasty food and beverage of choice, and watching the world go by. This is the perfect romantic getaway for you and your beau.

Putting the Port in Portland


Designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz. This modern masterpiece rests on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. The rounded design and gigantic window catch the eye immediately. Entertain and impress your friends with this high-class house boat.

Move to Portugal. Just Do It


“Tracy, I don’t like the color of this house boat, let’s get a Motel 6 instead.” Said nobody ever. Top-notch design, this house boat is made to impress. The only catch is that you have to move to Portugal to live in The Floatwing. That is a no-brainer, of course.

It Gives You Wings


The Floatwing has all of the essentials in this modern style house. The interior helps you relax and doesn’t distract you from enjoying the view. Of course, The Floatwing has all the extras as well: a full kitchen, bed, and bathroom. Kick back and enjoy the simple life.

Large and in Barge


Big, large, giant, huge, massive, are among many adjectives used to describe this floating beast. Located in Hamburg, Germany and designed by Rost Niderehe, this boat mansion is wrapped in timber. The Traumfänger is desiged to appease the eyes and it definitely has that effect!

Resort Style Deck


Sure, the Traumfänger has all the amenities of full bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. But why would you want to hang out in any of those places while a badass deck like this exists on top? There’s plenty of room for entertaining, and you’re right on the water in case you want to go for a dip!

The Apple Boat


The Port X’s sleek, white design looks as though it were designed by Steve Jobs himself, but it was not. Located in Prague, Czech Republic, this modern beauty is also surrounded by beauty. Bring three other guest for a flashy deal of $235 a night



The interior is unlike anything you’ve seen before in a home. And with a perfect location on the water, The Port X’s wonderful design delightfully contrasts the architecture of the city. You just have to get up from that cozy red chair to see it.

This Boat Blends Into the Park


Located in Utrecht, in the Netherlands, the Parkark house boat beautifully blends into its surroundings. The paneled wood exterior offers a perfect contrast to the modern white that appears on the opposite side of the boat, and on the interior. It’s incredible how much space is inside this custom made boat home, built in 2013 for a young family.

Floating Private Park


Situated alongside a park and popular cycling path, this house boat features it’s own private roof deck to enjoy the scenery. The rooftop even has greenery that makes this boat one with nature. The angles of the different windows ensure privacy from park goers.

Villa Näckros


Located in Kalmar, Sweden, this floating goddess is the sweetest thing. Did someone say six bedrooms? Yes, Villa Näckros did. With just over 1,900 square feet of space, you don’t have to compromise any modern luxury on this house boat, which appears as a piece of art floating on the water.

Swedish Design at Its Best

villa fictional render daytime.jpg

Once you see the interior you may feel like you’ve entered an Ikea store, which design is all Sweedish. Bold colored walls and the use of different materials and sections make this design eye-catching and unique. This boat house is far from traditional, but for some, this is the perfect set-up on the water.

Is it a Peanut?


It’s a bird, it’s an egg, it’s a peanut? The Exbury Egg is actually none of those. It is a boat house, and it is awesome. Resting in the Beaulieu River in southern England, this self-sustaining beauty excites the eyes and the environment. You would have to be nuts to not enjoy this floating peanut.

Inspiring Work Space


Inside of this wooden house boat features beautifully shaped ceilings and skylight that brings in natural light. Unlike other house boats you’ve seen on this list, it doesn’t have panoramic views, or any windows at all! But it certainly is an inspring work space on the water.

Feeling Blue


This contemporary floating home in Lusatian Lake District, Germany is one solution to the problem of overcrowding in the big cities. Inspired by the concept of transparency and feeling the harmony of being on the water, this is a modern home that’s shape is inspired by a sail. The lake it resides in may be artificial, but this German boat house is as genuine as it gets. Look at that deck, what a view!

Sail Inspired Structure


Resting upon on a lake that reflects a lot of sun raise, the floating house features an aluminum exterior that fends off the bright light so you can go on with your day without being blinded. The privacy and use of space are top notch.

India’s House Boat Loop Hole


Although floating houses and boats are the latest tourist attraction in India, they’ve been around the Jammu and Kashmir regions for over 70 years. When they found out it was illegal for them to purchase land in India since they wereforeignerss, British colonialists were the first to create houseboats, taking advantage of the loop hole. They even used them as casinos, citing different laws for spaces on the water.

Butt Clermont Houseboat on Dal Lake


The Butt Clermont is one of the prestigious boats in India, sitting on Dal Lake. Elegantly carved wood and colorful lighting and paintings offer an enchanting setting for entertaining. In 1966 Ravi Shankar taught The Beatle’s George Harrison how to play the sitar on the boat, which he included in songs such as “Norwegiabn Wood,” “Tomorrow Never Knows” and “Love You Too.”

Watervilla de Hoef


Built in the Netherlands by Waterstudio Architecture, Watervilla de Hoef is a hip, modern style floating home that is also energy efficient. The home was designed to fit the lot of space, and uses every square foot wisely.

Hybrid House Boat


To be fair, this home isn’t 100% house boat, and could possibly be called a hybrid version. Waterstudio designed the home to sit on a concrete base, that is sturdy enough to park cars, or use for extra living space.

House Boats Offer Escape

Kyleigh Kuhn house boat.jpg

Kyleigh Kuhn, a designer and model based in San Francisco took an original approach to housing in one of the nation’s most expensive cities. Kuhn bought a house boat on Craig’s List and redid it from floor to ceiling to become her dream home on the water. By the looks of it, she did a great job!

The Tjalk Elisa in Amsterdam

tjalk house boat.JPG

This immaculate house boat is 116 years old and was a former Dutch sailing ship. Located in the most romantic district in Amsterdam along the Skinny Bridge Amstel, this boat is probably the only one with a grand piano, as well as an organ. It also has a projector screen with a full movie selection, and a full size bathroom that will have you thinking you’re at the spa. Luckily the family who lives in it full time rents it out for the holidays. Book it now!

Bachelorette Pad on the Water


Stocked with loads of books and magazines, Penny’s Lovely Floating Amsterdam Abode is the perfect place for a girl to escape. The cozy sitting area even has a stove and flat screen tv. Her space perfectly balances the comforts of home with the nautical style, true to its design. The port holes, skylight and wood framed pop out windows give the perfect touch.

Boats Have the Best Views


This beautiful house boat has an amazing interior, but if there’s only one photo to see, it’s of the view. Look at that Seattle skyline! Part of Seattle’s floating home community, this house features a large living room, full-size kitchen, and gorgeous carved wood throughout. Not designed to be mobile, this floating home has everything your home on land would have- you just have to get used to the rocking.

What a Paine


People living Seattle sometimes seem to have interesting things going on at all times. And they want you to see these interesting things. So, they built a boat house with huge see-through windows. At a mere 850 square feet, you may see small and compact activities of interest.

Bert & May Spaces

Bert & May Spaces.jpg

Architecture group Bert & May were inspired by the concept of designing floating homes, as house prices soar in the UK, especially in big cities such as London. Both beautifully designed and practical, this floating home sits on a canal and is far more reasonable and affordable for a professional working in London. “I am now obsessed with the idea of providing unique homes on water and convinced the number of people living on water will rise dramatically over the next few years,” Bert & May Founder Lee Thornley told

Kerala, India


In Kerala, India, house boats are a popular tourist attraction and the perfect plac for newlyweds to honeymoon. These boats are designed with unique walls, made of woven pieces of wood with large open windows to take in the beauty of India. Tour guides come aboard and take visitors for a cruise during the day, while each meal is served to you. When they leave at night, it’s all yours.

Boats in a House Boat


Yes, that is correct. Located in Muskoka, in Ontario, Canada, this is a house boat with a bottom level to park the other boats. This is one community that embraces the nautical and floating home lifestyle. Residents are known to customize their floating homes and spend a pretty penny while doing it. From the looks of it, residents of this floating home are doing alright!

The Viking in Paris


This majestic house boats sits only ten minutes outside the heart of Paris. Escape the tourists and hotels and retreat to this beautifully decorated home on the water. This Viking comfortably sleeps six guests, with three full bedrooms, and three bathrooms, which is pretty grand for a boat! It also features an updated kitchen, living room with a fireplace and three decks to soak in the sun and city views. It’s on for $375 / night.

Amsterdam Apartment on the Water


This floating home is at the intersection of two major canals in Amsterdam; the Brouwersgracht and the Herengracht, a perfect location for someone who wants to soak and the city before retreating to an oasis. Designed with a modern kitchen and bohemian style decor, this boat features a queen size bed, full tub and a washer and dryer. It also has a deck with beautiful views of the canal and buildings from the 17th century.

What a Way to Retire


This Seattle floating home sits on Lake Union, and was custom made for a retired couple. By the looks of it, this couple has life figured out! The wall in the living room rolls up for a wide open view of the beautiful water, while the upstairs features two bedrooms in this 1,200 square foot space. The exterior is boxy and designed with wood and dark metal framing, to resemble the waterfront district that surrounds it. The rooftop even has a putting green, with beautiful views of the Seattle skyline.

Simple Living


This floating home is definitely not the most extravagant on the list, but it hits the mark of what you’d want for a house boat. Wide open views of the water, a rooftop to jump off of, a hammock to lay back, bbq to cook food, and even a sauna. This floating home has an eco-friendly design and is located in Finland.

Newport Harbor, RI


One couple from Rhode Island renovated a boat to become the perfect place to relax and entertain guests in Newport Harbor, Rhode Island. The 34′ boat features a mix of modern and vintage style, with fun nautical accents. Although Kristen Coates and Chris Wyllie admitted the boat was a huge project, and the renovating cost was much higher than predicted, they couldn’t be happier with their home on the sea.