Insanely Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

There’s nothing worse than a small bathroom, especially if you have to share it with someone else. How can you possibly hope to make room for all of your things? You need space for hairspray, styling products, sponges, soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair accessories, and cleaning supplies.


Fortunately, there are many hacks that can help you make the most of your bathroom space. You might have to get a bit creative, but there are plenty of ways to do this from adding in extra shelves to utilizing organizers. Here are some of the best bathroom storage ideas to help you make the most of your space!


Gluing jars to the bottom of a shelf is a creative way of adding more storage space. Just glue the lid of the jar to the bottom of the shelf and then screw the bottle onto it. This is a good way of storing small and easily lost items such as hairpins and other hair accessories like elastic bands.


You could also consider storing creams and lotions in these jars rather than having a bunch of bottles and tubes cluttering up your bathroom shelves. This is also a good way of keeping your lotions and creams dry instead of constantly knocking them into the bathroom sink.

Wicker Baskets

These provide a rustic, vintage look to any bathroom. They can also be stacked for easy storage. Not only are wicker baskets a cute accent to any bathroom but they provide a very useful function: more storage.


These are ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to do any construction whatsoever in the bathroom or does not have the room to add shelves and other storage spaces. You can store toilet paper rolls or other essentials in wicker baskets. They provide an attractive way of storing boxes and other things that are kept in the bathroom without creating an eyesore of a display.

Wall Cabinet

Adding a wall cabinet to a free bit of wall is an easy way of creating more space. If you do not have enough extra space on your walls to do this, consider using the space above your toilet. If you do not want to drill nails and screws into your wall, you can find a shelf that fits over your toilet.


More shelf space will help to keep your bathroom free of clutter. Just be careful when you reach for items over the toilet so that you don’t drop things. Making sure that the toilet seat is down so that things don’t fall in is a surefire way of making sure the men of the house remember to put the toilet lid down!

Storage Tower

A new storage tower can add a bit of decoration to your bathroom as well as provide you with a little more storage space. Of course, something like this demands that you have free space available in your bathroom. However, if you do happen to have the space, a storage cabinet can add a bit of class and a place to store your towels and toiletries.


Wooden cabinets add a nice touch to your bathroom and help things from getting too cluttered. You can also use the extra shelf space for storing bathroom essentials such as extra toilet paper, spare toothbrushes, and soap.

Freestanding Storage

If you have a free corner, freestanding storage like a storage ladder can be an effective way of providing extra shelf space. This is also convenient if you are the type of person who constantly redecorates their bathroom. Since it is not a permanent structure, you can move it wherever you want.

Ladder Bath Idea

Freestanding storage is much different from a storage tower or a cabinet because it is much more easily moved around the bathroom. It can even be used as a temporary solution if you have guests staying in your home who need extra space in the bathroom for their things.

Cabinet Drawers

If your bathroom already has cabinets, consider adding drawers to the inside of them! Many bathroom cabinets do not come with enough shelves. Since they are usually positioned at a height where you have to bend over or stand on your toes to get to something, it is all too easy to throw something in the cabinet only to have it hidden in dark corners for years.


Drawers will make it easier to bring your items to a comfortable viewing level. If you have ever stuck your head inside a dark bathroom cabinet looking for a lipstick or a bottle of nail polish, you are definitely the type of person who can benefit from this bathroom storage hack.

Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan inside your cabinets can help these areas from becoming too cluttered. It is much easier than adding in drawers, and is also a unique way of bringing your items easily into a view. With a lazy Susan you can store small items in the back of your bathroom cabinets but easily spin them to the front rather than reaching into the back and creating a bigger mess.


It is all too easy to knock things over inside your bathroom cabinets and when your cabinet is placed low or high this makes it particularly difficult to retrieve things in the back. A lazy Susan is a great way of working around this.

Sink Skirt

If you have empty space underneath your sink but do not like the idea of cluttering it up and creating an untidy appearance, you can make use of that space without detracting from your bathroom’s appearance with a sink skirt. This is a good solution for pedestal sinks that are not suited for building cabinets underneath.


A sink skirt can cover up storage beneath the sink. Store your extra toilet paper rolls or cleaning supplies and cover them up with a decorative sink skirt. This way you have an easy storage solution but do not have to worry about unsightly items becoming an eyesore.

Crate Shelves

If you are working with a limited budget, consider simple crate shelving. Crates can be purchased at a low price from craft stores and create a unique look when hanging on the wall. A coat of paint will ensure that the crate shelves work with your bathroom color scheme.


If you want a bit of decoration but don’t have the space for it, crate shelves will keep you from having to choose between decoration and storage space. The shape of crate shelves will frame the items stored on them quite nicely and add a little bit of flair to your bathroom walls.

Custom Shelving Unit

If you have an oddly shaped bathroom, this might be your best bet for creating some extra room. While it is a bit pricier than some other options, it is a good solution if you are good with your hands or know a friend who can construct this for you.


With shelves that are custom fit for the space you have, a custom shelving unit will keep your extra shelving from looking haphazard and just randomly thrown onto a wall. If you do not like the look of random floating shelves on your wall, then consider a custom shelving unit.

Shower Shelves

Adding shelves to your shower can help you cut down on the clutter. Many people simply store their shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and other toiletries on the edges of the bathtub, but this is not a good solution for people who have a lot of bathtub essentials.


Add in a shelf or a rack to the corner of your shower to cut down on this problem. Many modern showers come with shelves already built in, but if yours doesn’t you can find a metal rack or shelving unit to store in your shower or the wall around your bath tub.

Spice Racks

Another easy shelving idea is using spice racks to, well, spice up your bathroom! These low budget shelves will not only add flair to your bathroom walls but they are also a good place for storing your small and easily misplaced items such as nail polish bottles, or combs and brushes.


These spice racks will utilize your wall space and keep items from cluttering up your bathroom counters. A coat of spray paint will easily allow you to match the racks to your bathroom colors. Spice racks are stylish and functional. Who doesn’t love a unique way of keeping things organized?

Door Hangers

Use the space on the inside of your cabinet door to hang appliances such as hair dryers or curling irons. This puts these frequently used items within easy reach but also keep electrical chords out of the way so that they do not become tangled inside cabinets.


Hooks can easily be placed on the inside or outside of the door. If you are reluctant to make holes in the doors you can find adhesive hooks that will also do the job. There are also hooks that fit over the edge of the door which can create hooks without destroying your cabinet doors.

Peg Rail

While this touch may seem like it is better suited to a locker room than a bathroom, it can be quite useful for hanging items in the bathroom. Drape towels or washcloths over the hooks to dry. You can also use the pegs to keep electrical cords from bathroom appliances like hair dryers and curling irons out of the way.


Draping electrical chords over the pegs will keep them out of the way and, more importantly, away from your sink and your bathtub. Not only is this a stylish storage solution, but one that increases your safety in the bathroom!

Bathtub Tray

A bathtub tray can conveniently turn your bathtub into extra storage space when it isn’t being used. Store your sponges, soap, or other toiletries in here. This will not only cut down on space but also keep your items dry.


Storing things on hooks hanging from your bathroom wall or storing them in the corners of your tub is a sure recipe for disaster. Things inevitably end up falling into the bathtub and getting damp which results in them growing mold. A bathtub shelf is a great way of making sure that your bathtub items are kept dry and secure.


Hanging hooks from the walls or ceiling of your bathroom or over your curtain rod is a good solution for things that are always falling over. You can try hanging your sponge or washcloth from the ceiling. This can also be a great way to dry things to prevent them from growing moldy when stored against a hard surface.


Hanging storage is also convenient if you wash delicate items in the bathtub. Think of it as a makeshift laundry line for personal items. This is a very creative way of creating extra storage space in your bathroom without cluttering up shelves and cupboards.

Bathroom Door

Take advantage of the space over your bathroom door to store items that won’t be needed on a daily basis such as guest towels or extra toilet paper. Since you won’t need to reach for them all the time, it will not be too much of an inconvenience to stand on a step stool (or just your toes if you are tall enough) to reach these items.


Without too much effort you can add a shelf to the top of the door to store these items. It’s also a good place to store potpourri or some other sort of air freshener to brighten up the smell of the room without sacrificing much needed space.

Door Hooks

Another way to make the most of your door space is to add hooks to your bathroom door. This is a good place to store a towel or a bathrobe. If you do not want to hammer a nail into your bathroom door, find a hook that fits over the door.


You can also add several hooks to create a makeshift clothes rack on your bathroom door. This is useful for not only towels but also for hanging your clothes if you are the type to change inside the bathroom after taking a shower. It’s too easy to keep the clothes on the bathroom counter or near the shower where they can easily get wet, and this is a good way of keeping them dry while you bathe.

Toilet Paper Holder

Rather than have a freestanding toilet paper holder, try attaching a toilet paper dispenser to the bottom of a shelf. This way, no free space goes unused and you are keeping one more thing off of your precious floor space.


This is also a good alternative to having your toilet paper on a bathroom corner or stored on top of the back of the toilet. A roll of toilet paper is a necessary item in a bathroom but one that can easily take up much needed space. By installing a toilet roll dispenser on the bottom of the shelf you are making room for a very necessary item.