Kids’ Dream Rooms: Awesome Kid Room Theme Ideas

To the Batmobile!


A Batman room would make your little Batman fan, boy or girl, super excited to jump into bed every night, especially when that bed is their very own batmobile! For some kids, bedtime can turn into a negotiation, so what would be cooler for a kid to rest their head in?

Krypton Magic


Take your kid on a vacation to planet Krypton with a Superman room. Add a life size superman in the corner and a telephone booth to transform from your everyday self into your super self. There is no doubt that many adults would love to come home to this room too!

Captain America


This Captain America room is fit for an awesome kid, but it could very easily grow with them into their teen years. The American color palette really lends itself to a more mature look as well. And hey, let’s be honest, adults and teenagers love superheroes just as much as kids do!

Storm the Castle


This castle room would be great for your little princess or your little knight in shining armor. You could, of course, personalize the room with different color palettes to make it more feminine or masculine or leave it gender neutral. Any child would be awestruck to explore a room such as this!

Night Sky


This room’s focus is all about the ceiling; install a false ceiling with tiny holes punctured through, so that you can fit it with fiber optics. This ceiling makes you feel like you are out in nature staring up at the beautiful night sky. This is fantastic for the camping enthusiast or anyone who loves to gaze at stars. Amazing!

Circus Tent


For a circus theme, you can paint the ceiling with red and white stripes as though you are gazing at a circus tent. From there you can decorate with stuffed lions, pennants, fake popcorn, and framed photos of Ferris wheels. Don’t be afraid to add your own personalize touch to the room!

Save the Princess!


This is maybe one of the coolest rooms ever! You can go with a recent incarnation of Mario or do a throwback pixelated version from the ’80s and ’90s. Include goombas, green pipes, other characters like Peach, Bowser, or Yoshi, or even a castle. There is something for everybody when it comes to Mario! Power up!

Be Like Steve


Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular games out there right now. And once again it appeals to gamers of all ages. You would definitely make your kid’s life if you decorated their room in the game’s décor. Minecraft sells a lot of products to decorate with or you could also make your own!

Robot Invasion


Try to use as many colors as you can to make an awesome kid-friendly robot room. Use framed photographs of various robot-esque things to make a gallery wall. You could even purchase your own life-sized robot or you could make your own and get creative with some boxes and paint!

The Dark Side


Star Wars was at its peak forty years ago and another peak has returned with the current sequels being released. There are many options to go with for Stars Wars, so it would probably be best to pick one character (or side) and go with it. For example, if your kid loves Darth Vader, include a lot of black and you could even paint a death star on one wall!

Under the Sea


Try designing a one of a kind style room that your child will always remember by taking a journey under the sea. Painting the room ocean blue with a variety of sea creatures painted on the walls will really make it feel like you live within the beautiful ocean water.

Life’s Beachy


While a beach room might seem like it’s very close to an underwater room, this one takes a view from the seaside rather than under it. Your child will feel like a surfer kicking out on the beach when you use the sea glass green and beige sand colors. You can also include surfboards, palm trees, or any other hula oriented items to really tie the theme together.

Science Inspired


A science theme room can take countless different routes from Einstein, to the periodic table, to atoms, protons, and neutrons. Try making some framed pictures like those above to create your own gallery wall. You could also include a telescope and microscope to give your child an awesome learning experience.

Rustic Classic


Give your child a room with beautiful rustic features. Use unfinished wood, a neutral color palette and you can even bring in some vintage items like an old worn-out baseball glove. In this room the word “explore” is hung on the wall, the letters each have a map design. This is also a room that could easily grow with your child.



A woodland kid’s room theme is super popular at the moment. Use real wood to add amazing texture to the room. You can also include stuffed animals of various woodland characters like foxes or raccoons. Include a fake campfire, fake trees, and a lantern to really feel like you’re frolicking through the woods.

Fluttering Wings


A butterfly room is a theme fit for a queen or king. Try placing wall decals or magnet butterflies throughout your child’s room, it will make it feel like they stepped into their own magical paradise. Using rich shades of purple enhances the regal-ness of the theme.

Fit For A Princess


A room fit for a princess, with an actual wrought-iron carriage! What could be better for a little girl? Decorating in pinks and blues makes the room reminiscent of Cinderella, with gauzy white canopies and white pillows makes the room have a whimsical quality. Every little girl would love to be a princess of her own royal room.

Never Grow Up!


Try a magical Peter Pan theme by placing a wall sticker of Peter Pan’s shadow over a lamp. There are many things to include from Peter Pan’s world including pirates, fairies, and even a crocodile. Every kid will love to get lost in the magical world of Peter Pan and to be reminded to never grow up!

Barbie Doll Fun


Most little girls go through at least a short Barbie phase. Indulge that phase by giving them their very own Barbie room. Use plenty of pink and purple, and you can even purchase your little one her very own Barbie car! Make sure to decorate with plenty of Barbie dolls!

Ooh La La


A Parisian theme is very chic and perfect for the girl in her tween or teen years. Use a baby pink, white, and black color palette and make sure to include lots of luxurious fabrics like silk and faux fur to enhance the theme. You can also paint an Eiffel tower or hang a canvas!

Crazy Train


Try making your little conductor their very own train room! Place a railroad crossing sign on the wall and you can even include a sticker or paint train tracks along the wall. Don’t forget to add stop and go lights and of course a train set. This room will be remembered for ages!

Ahoy Matey!


Here’s a room idea for the little sailor in your life. Try a nautical theme, you could include a huge ship steering wheel like in this photo or you could paint it on the wall. You could also go another route and include pirates, sea monsters, and other mythology found along the stormy seven seas.

American Pride


U.S.A.! U.S.A.! Try creating an American pride room for your child. This is another style of room that could definitely mature with your child. It can be as simple as sticking to the color palette of red, white, and blue and of course hanging up the flag of the United States of America.

US/UK Alliance


Pay homage to the longest standing alliance the USA has, by creating a United States/United Kingdom room! This is one of the most interesting rooms on the list. You can really play it up by including photos or canvases of landmarks from both countries like Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty, for example.

Out of This World


A space room is another room with many options and is absolutely beautiful to behold. You can focus on the planets or take a close up look of the stars. It would also be fun to actually set up a telescope in your child’s room so they can explore space in their very own way!

A Home-Run


For the boy who loves America’s favorite past time, why not try creating a baseball room for your child? Purchasing a bed made out of actual baseball bats, a baseball mitt chair, and a baseball rug complete the look. Just make sure you don’t let them play baseball in the house!

Take It To The Hoop!


Another awesome sports room is a basketball room. You could actually lay down a wood floor on the ground and paint on basketball court lines, complete with hoop, for their very own basketball court. Of course, you should probably only use balls that won’t break anything.

Hut, Hut, Hike!


Try making a football room for your little linebacker. Purchase or paint your own football headboard and a football chair. It’s probably not recommended to play tackle football in the house but you could set up a TV so your child can watch the game or play their favorite video game version.

Set, Spike!


For your athletic girl, try creating a volleyball room. Again, purchase a huge volleyball headboard or you could paint it against the wall. You could also hang a net against one wall to really bring together the theme. Any kind of color palette you desire would fit with this room!

Enticing Safari


Give your little explorer a safari room. This room actually has its own safari vehicle bunk beds. If you can’t purchase the bed you could always paint a safari truck on the wall. Of course, you can’t forget the most important part, all of the animals! You can include giraffes, lions, hippos, antelope, anything you desire.

Toy Story Dream


Toy Story is one of the most awesome kid’s movies in a long time. Check out how amazing the above room is! Perhaps, you cannot afford huge life size toys but you can always recreate the theme. Decorate with characters from the movie or you can paint your own life-size versions on the wall.

Classic Mickey Mouse


Mickey Mouse is the quintessential Disney character; bring both Mickey and Minnie to life with this adorable theme idea. This room would be perfect for boy/girl twins or brother and sister. Use the primary color palate or any bright colors would do, your children are sure to love to escape into the world of Disney!

Alphabet Time


Try this educational room theme by centering the room around the alphabet. You can place the alphabet around the border of the wall and even purchase an alphabet carpet. You could also place a sticker with the alphabet song on the wall. This is a great idea for a toddler room and maybe you’ll even have your child reading early!

Fairy Magic!


Try giving your daughter a Tinkerbell or fairy room. Creating a magical world of her very own is sure to enchant her forever; she will never forget such an amazing room. Use a purple and green color palette to really bring out the Tinkerbell factor. This room actually built the bed into the wall, what an awesome idea!

Animal Education


For the little one who is learning about animals try giving your child an animal room. This room would be fit for any gender; you could also use any palette you desire. The centerpiece of the room could be this map which showcases animals around the world and which countries they derive from. Educational and beautiful!

Lego Madness!


What child doesn’t LOVE Legos? While they may be the bane of every parents existence (especially when stepping on them in the middle of the night) every kid definitely can’t get enough creative Lego play. You could purchase this bed made out of giant Legos, where pieces can actually be moved. Don’t forget to use the primary color palette, just like Lego does.

Extreme Sport Enthusiast


For your future extreme sports player, try creating a skateboarding room for your child. Of course, skateboards hanging on the wall is a must. You could also hang up posters of greats like Tony Hawk, Chris Mauro, or whoever your child idolizes. Try including a silhouette sticker on the wall of a skateboarder in action.

Laid-Back Surfer


Give your little beach bum a surf shack. This room will make everyone want to take it easy, and chill out on the beach. Use bright blues to play up the ocean aspect of surfing and hang a surfboard in the corner. Also, include natural raffia and bamboo to add texture to the room and really tie the theme together.

Start Your Engines


Many kids go through a car phase where they collect countless Matchbox cars. Why not give them the room of their dreams with their very own car room? Include an amazing car bed and of course don’t forget the racing stripes. The colors red, black, and gray work really well with this theme.

Flower Power!


Give your little flower an enchanting flower room! You could choose any flower you like from rose to daffodil. Hang paintings on the wall or even paint huge murals of flowers on the wall. This room uses coral and green which makes it feminine without being too over the top girly and frilly. A perfect combination!