Meghan Markle’s L.A. Home Is On Sale For Less Than $2 Million

Long before Meghan Markle was the duchess of Sussex, she was a regular kid growing up in Los Angeles. She left her hometown for college, but moved back to pursue her acting career. Her former husband was also in the industry, and the two lived in this charming home in the center of Los Angeles. More than a decade later, the 4 bedroom home is on the market for $1.75 million, less than half what Meghan and Prince Harry spent to renovate their Frogmore Cottage. Let’s take a look inside the home Meghan lived in while she was still a rising star.

Her Los Angeles Home

Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images and
Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images and

Before Meghan Markle met Prince Harry, she lived in this Los Angeles home with her former husband, Trevor Engelson. The house is nestled between La Brea and Central LA, placing Meghan in a prime location for her acting career.

The couple purchased the home in 2006 for $1.1 million and it was put back on the market in August of 2019 for $1,799,000. The asking price was lowered a month and a half later to $1,750,000, where it has remained ever since.

Symmetric Curb Appeal


The colonial home was built back in 1924 and features a characteristically symmetrical exterior. Palm trees offer privacy while still enabling sunlight to pass through the street-facing windows. Grass leads to a cement area for additional parking.

The black shutters, front door, and trip are a stark contrast to the white walls and add a classic feel to the home’s aesthetic. Uniquely patterned bars on the window offer security without sacrificing style. According to, the home is almost 4% more expensive than surrounding homes.

Classic Meets Contemporary


The first thing you see when walking through the front door is this bright living room. The exterior symmetry is mimicked in the interior design of this room and draws the eye towards the lovely fireplace and painting above.

Large windows on two adjacent walls are illuminated by sheer curtains that amplify the privacy while letting natural light fill the room. Yellow pillows pick up on the yellow brick of the fireplace and the light wood floors throughout.

Open And Airy

From this angle, you can get a better sense of the home’s layout. The front door is out of the frame to the far right. Also in that direction is a bonus living space that could easily convert into an office. To the left is a dining room and the back yard beyond.

While each room is clearly defined, the open floor plan prevents the space from feeling cramped. It also enables a cross breeze to run through the home, which is valuable in warm, central Los Angeles.

A Room For Anything


You could do just about anything with this bonus space. Young families could convert it into a playroom for their children. An entrepreneur could make it their designated office space. The room could also be closed off and turned into a fifth bedroom.

Like the living room, the space is surrounded by windows and topped with recessed lighting. White walls underscore the room’s brightness, while a large painting enlivens the area. A long and narrow desk provides a workspace that doesn’t dominate the room.

An Extension Of The Living Space


You might not think to put a white coach in an all-white room, but it works here thanks to the dark area rug that pulls everything together. From this angle, you get a better sense of how much the palm trees outside provide privacy while bringing a touch of green to the space.

The current design treats this room as an extension of the living room so that one room flows into the other and seems to have the same purpose. For those who love to entertain, this would be a great option as it accommodates more people.

The Bright Dining Area


The dining room sits between the living room and the back yard. The open floor plan allows light to pour in from both sides. Between the windows, layout, and recessed lighting, you wouldn’t need a single lamp on this floor!

While the other spaces we’ve seen so far have a large area rug, this room shows off the wood floors. A circular mirror contrasts the rigid shapes throughout the home and gives the illusion that the room is longer than it is.

The Long And Narrow


Behind the dining room is a long and narrow space that leads to the u-shaped kitchen. The additional space is taken advantage of with a small table by the window that acts like a breakfast nook.

It’s the perfect place to sip on coffee and have breakfast while looking out at the back yard. That bare wall opposite the window offers a space to hang an oversized picture that adds intrigue to the room. A contemporary light hangs from the ceiling, bringing this 1924 home up to date.

Stainless Steel Appliances


Being that the home was built about a century ago, it’s clearly been updated since. Beautiful, white cabinets feature gold handles that match the gold faucet over the sink. Marble countertops extend to the backsplash for a touch of glimmer.

A window over the sink shows off the green vegetation outside. Stainless steel appliances are the cherry on top of this move-in ready kitchen. Fun fact, after Meghan and Trevor Engelson divorced, she dated celebrity chef Cory Vitiello for two years.

A Convenient Layout


From this angle, you can see how the kitchen leads directly into the breakfast nook, followed by the dining room just past. That straight pathway is free of doors and makes it very simple to transport heavy plates for family-style dinners.

Alternatively, guests can head straight to the kitchen to load their plates or get seconds without feeling like they have to miss out on any of the conversation being had at the dining room table.

Space To Hang Family Photos


There’s something special about hanging family photos on the wall along the staircase. This home’s white walls are a blank canvas for all of your most treasured photographs. A window at the turn of the stairs pours more natural light in that would illuminate your pictures.

The staircase is designed in such a way that a full-length door fits below, so you don’t have to crouch down to access the space. Since this area is right off the living room, that closet would be the perfect place to store your guests’ coats.

A Spacious Hallway


This home is a modest 2200 square feet, but the open design prevents it from feeling cramped. As soon as you walk up the stairs, you enter this wide hallway with recessed lighting and plenty of wall space. Built-in cabinetry offers additional storage space.

Meghan Markle became a fashion icon for her role in Suits. In 2015 and 2016, she launched two fashion collections that were based on her character’s style in the show, describing the look as “aspirational girt next door.”

A Radiant Bedroom


Following the hallway straight ahead from the staircase, you’ll come to this bright bedroom. Like the living spaces downstairs, this room features windows on adjacent walls for ample sunlight.

Two windows face the street while one window features the lush canopy of a tree outside. This room is the perfect size for a queen bed and large nightstands, and it still has some space to spare for a reading chair, a small desk, or a dresser.

An Attached Bathroom


From this angle, you can just make out the hallway and staircase to the very right. You can also see that this bedroom has a private bathroom attached. An area rug brings comfort and texture to the hardwood floors.

A mirror rests on the wall opposite a large painting viewable in the previous photograph to reflect the bright color of the artwork. Meghan was an artist of calligraphy before she made it as an actress, doing freelance work to support herself.

Patterns Galore


This bathroom pops like no other with its black and white tile floors and wall. You can just barely make out small images on the white tiles of the floor, breaking up the monotony of the patterns. The wall has an arrowhead-shaped design and various tones of gray.

Dividing the wall and floor patterns is a black wood, his-and-hers sink. Hexagon mirrors play on the shape of the surrounding tile. The gold trim of the mirrors and the shower match the gold faucets and handles throughout, adding a pop of color to the space.

Sunshine And Palm Trees


Down the hall is a room that looks like the epitome of Southern California. Windows show off the palm trees outside and fill the room with light. Touches of deep blue in the bedding and the painting above offset the light gray and white that dominates the color scheme.

While Meghan predominantly lived in So-Cal throughout her youth, she also studied abroad in Madrid for a college semester and had an internship in Buenos Aires.

An Accommodating Room


From this direction, you can see a door straight ahead that leads to the room’s walk-in closet. A narrow desk and artwork are placed against the wall opposite the bed. That space would also accommodate a flat-screen TV, an armoire, or a dresser.

A shaggy rug offers the comfort of carpeting without the hassle, while still boasting the hardwood floors present throughout the home. To the far right, you can see that the room has an attached, joint bathroom.

The Jack And Jill Bathroom


This bathroom would be perfect for two siblings to share as it offers access to either room from both sides. A large window illuminates the white tile walls and marble countertops. Beautiful glass doors surround a spacious tub and shower.

Gold trim on the shower doors picks up on the gold bathroom faucets and cabinet/drawer handles. The soft blue-gray cabinets underscore the marble counters and relax the busy pattern of the black and white tile floors.

A Sibling’s Space


On the other side of the Jack and Jill bathroom is this darling room that’s perfect for a sibling. The room’s design is a mirror image of the room across the way, so no one would have to argue about which space seems more ideal.

Though Meghan Markle is the only child of her parents, Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle Sr., she has two half-siblings from her father. Both of her half-siblings are more than a decade older than Meghan and are estranged from her and the royal family.

Bringing The Outdoors In


In this photograph, you can see how the trees outside fill the windows with greenery and bring the outdoors in. Hints of pink in the decor give a sense of being in a garden, while Earthy tones keep the space grounded.

In 2016, Meghan Markle traveled to Rwanda for the Clean Water Campaign put on by World Vision Canada, for which she is a global ambassador. She has also participated in Botswana conservation efforts and is a known supporter of women’s rights and social justice.

A Uniquely Structured Space


This space sports a unique layout compared to the other rooms of the house. Rather than having four walls in the shape of a square or rectangle, this room has six walls, providing a cutout for the closet and a seating area.

Nevertheless, the room is full of light thanks to perfectly positioned windows. The treetops views of the rest of the second floor also adorn this room. Tones of gray offer contrast to the predominantly white room, while touches of yellow make the room pop.

An Elegant Bathroom For Guests


While the other two bathrooms in this home are larger than this one, this third and final bathroom offers everything an overnight guest would need. The characteristic golden fixtures throughout the home bring a dash of color to this classy, white space.

A rectangular sink provides space for guests to store their toiletries. The shower stall is full length and features glass doors and subtle tile flooring. Marble along the top and bottom of the mirror back dress up this elegant bathroom.

Conveniently Located Laundry


A stackable laundry unit is an efficient way to utilize the space in this 2200 square foot home. It is conveniently located on the second floor, so all of the bedrooms have easy access.

Unless the next property owners decide to change the bonus room downstairs into another bedroom, there would be no need to carry laundry up and downstairs in this home. Such a commodity is huge in Los Angeles, where laundromats crowd many street corners.

Shaded Outdoor Seating


Back downstairs, this outdoor patio sits directly next to the dining room. The large, glass doors and open floorplan connect the indoor and outdoor living spaces so that one feels like the extension of the other.

This design is perfect for entertainers who have limited space. Though the home is relatively small, it could accommodate large parties simply because the areas join to feel like one large space. This is illuminated by the fact that from the back patio you can see the front door and all of the rooms in between.

An Outdoor Dining Area


Residents can lounge on the shaded patio we just saw, or they can catch some sun at this outdoor eating space. Particularly in Southern California where the weather is relatively warm year-round, taking advantage of the outdoor space is a must.

Imagine having barbecues in this yard and gathering around to eat at this lovely table. For larger parties, guests have the option to sit outside, inside, or in the shaded area in between!

The Spacious Backyard


This grassy yard is impressive for being in the heart of Los Angeles. Since the city is so heavily populated, you don’t often see yards of this size outside of multi-million dollar mansions. Homeowners could easily fit and pool and/or a spa in this space.

Alternatively, dog owners or those with children would have a great outdoor play area. Those who have a green thumb might consider growing produce out here or transforming the space into a flower garden.

Moving On To New Horizons

meghan-markle-prince-harry and Steve Parsons – WPA Pool/Getty Images and Steve Parsons – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Markle’s former husband moved into this home in 2006, five years before the two were married. In 2013, the two split, meaning that Markle could have spent as many as seven years residing in this quaint Los Angeles home.

Since then, Meghan met and fell in love with a prince and moved into Nottingham Cottage in London. The royal couple then moved into the two-centuries-old Frogmore Cottage before staying in a gorgeous, luxury estate on Canada’s Vancouver Island.