Inside The Obama’s New Mega Mansion in Martha’s Vineyards

News from TMZ suggests that the Obama family may walk in the Kennedys’ footsteps. Barack and Michelle Obama are planning to buy their favorite summer home in Martha’s Vineyard. While it may not be the White House, it’s still as stunning as any $15 million mansion could be.

Initially, the Obama family lived in a $40 million Washington, D.C. home. This new buy is a larger, fancier, more beautiful home. Here’s a sneak-peak inside the former president’s estate, its splendid pool, deluxe bedrooms, and lavish living rooms.

No Longer A Summer House

The Obama family have their eyes on a Martha Vineyard home, known as the Edgartown estate. The family used to rent the home during their summer vacations, and they loved it so much that they made an offer. Their final asking price was $14.85 million, but the family is reportedly paying less.

Front aerial view of the Edgartown estate home / Thomas E Leclair / LandVest MV / Thomas E Leclair / LandVest MV

Although the deal isn’t finalized yet, TMZ announced that that “so far, it’s a go.” Collectively, the Obama’s have an estimated net worth of $135 million, mainly garnered through book sales and the six-figure presidential pension.