The Personal Residences Of US Presidents Are Lavish And Extraordinary

Have you ever wondered where US presidents live when they’re not in the Oval Office? Their private houses are not small or modest. Sometimes they’re the size of resorts. Other times they’re hidden away in the mountains where peace can finally be achieved. And of course, the commander in chief spends plenty of time there during their presidency. Here are our favorite presidential residences. Can you guess which president called his the “Little White House?”

Lincoln’s Home Is A Historical Landmark

Abraham Lincoln purchased his residence in 1844. Located 200 miles south of Chicago, the house was built with 12 rooms in a Greek style. Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd, lived in the decadent home for 17 years before moving to Washinton D.C.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images

In 1887, 22 years after the president’s assassination, the house was opened to the public. Tours led by park rangers take visitors through the children’s rooms, the formal parlor, sitting rooms, the kitchen, various outbuildings, and the couple’s separate bedrooms. Hundreds of thousands of curious tourists visit the historically recognized landmark every year.