These 20 Unusual Objects Make Surprisingly Awesome Home Decor

When it comes to home decor, everyone has their own style preferences. Some prefer a more modern and sleek look to their homes, while others like the character and personality that comes with an older and more traditional style. But today, anything and everything can be used to decorate your home and make it your own. In fact, some people are using strange and unusual objects to create some of the coolest home decor you’ve ever seen. Here are 20 objects you likely would never think to use when decorating your home, with number 16 being especially unique.

Board Game Art


We all love to play board games, but after a while, they can get stale. However, the game can still have use and value even though you don’t play it anymore. Gameboards and their pieces are normally very colorful and artistically created, which lends them to be a great option to be framed and mounted on the wall for decoration.

Tennis Ball Picture Holder


Most of us are used to seeing tennis balls bouncing back and forth on a court, but there surprising applications for them at home. These balls lend themselves very well to a variety of cool creations. One, as seen above, is cutting a slit in the ball and using it to show off your favorite photos.

Bottle Light


There is a good chance that most households have empty glass bottles lying around. Whether they are small beer bottles or large wine bottles, these can be reused in a number of ways. One of the best has to be putting a light inside the bottles, which creates a very unique and moody lantern.

VHS Case Picture Frame


If you grew up in the 1990’s, you remember VHS tapes. While that technology has long been forgotten, you likely have some VHS cases lying around your home. Instead of simply allowing these things to collect dust, they can creatively be turned into a picture frame, and even have the option for some secret storage too.

Light Bulb Vase


Light bulbs are one of those things that we have to replace often. But instead of throwing out those old light bulbs, they can easily be reused. One of the coolest ways to do this is to turn them into little vases. Check out the 12th entry for another creative way to use lightbulbs.

Bottle Cap Magnets


Most of us have thrown away dozens, if not hundreds, of these little bottle caps throughout our lives. However, there are so many cool things you can do with them. Some people decide to simply collect them, while others give them new life by attaching magnets to them and making great fridge decorations.

Toilet Paper Cardboard Art


There is no getting around it — everyone in developed nations uses toilet paper. As a result, we all are left with the cardboard tube after a roll is done. With a little bit of creativity, you can make some stunning wall art with these things. That’s right, these amazing pieces of work are created with cardboard from toilet paper rolls.

Plastic Cutlery Art


We have all attended those birthday parties or big family cookouts where a massive amount of plastic cutlery is used. But instead of tossing all that plastic (which is terrible for the environment), why not turn it into some amazing art? The opportunities are endless, and this is just one example of the kind of creations you can make.

Light Bulb Oil Lamp


Here we have another light bulb decoration, which is a testament to how versatile they can be. This little bulb makes a perfect oil lamp that will go with the decor in any room. It has a very neutral look and won’t be the star of any room, but will definitely make a wonderful complement.

Maps As Wrap


With the emergence of GPS technology, maps have largely been rendered fairly useless. But even though you may not use them for what they were intended to do, they do have some value. You can wrap storage containers or organizers around your house in maps, which gives them an amazing look with almost no effort on your part.

Rubber Band Art


While rubber bands have a lot of practical uses throughout a household, we often keep more of them around than what we need. If you have a lot of extra rubber bands around, why not make some cool artwork with them? You can either make something from scratch with the rubber bands, or simply wrap up existing items. The next entry is one of the most versatile objects you can use for crafting.

Mason Jars


Mason Jars are used for jarring jams and jellies, but recently, they have taken on a whole new role. People everywhere are finally becoming aware of the tons of amazing decor and artwork you can create with these little jars. The sky is the limit, and there are many different things you can do with these versatile little jars.

Wine Crate Shoe Storage


If you are a big fan of wine, there is a chance you have some wine boxes or crates lying around at home. When they are just laying there, they can be a bit of an eyesore. But when you clean them up a bit and put some shoes on them, they can make a lovely rustic place to keep you and your families shoes stored.

Ice Cube Tray Snacks


While some fridges now come with ice dispensers, there will always be people out there who use the tried and true ice cube tray. But if you no longer use yours for ice, there is something else cool that you can do with it. An ice cube tray makes a perfecting serving platter for small and delicious treats.

Tea Tin Herb Garden


While coffee is still incredibly popular, many different people are beginning to choose tea as their primary warm drink of choice. If you happen you be a tea lover, you likely have quite the collection of tea tins. If you don’t want to simply throw them away, why not create an adorable little herb garden with them?

Pallet Wine Rack


While you likely don’t have any random pallets laying around your house, they can likely be picked up from a variety of stores for free if you simply ask for one. After a little bit of elbow grease, that ratty old pallet could be turned into an amazing wine rack in no time.

License Plate Art


For years people have been collecting license plates. There are so many from different states and different eras, that all have unique colors and lettering. While collecting is cool, why not take it a step further and craft some amazing art out of these license plates? You can make some truly spectacular creations with nothing but license plates.

Drawer Shelves


If you are in possession of an old dresser that you think you are just going to get rid of, you should think twice. That is because the old drawers in that dresser could be transformed into some new shelves for your wall. They can be painted or customized in any way and are sure to capture the attention of anyone in the room.

DVDs/CDs Into Mosaic Tile


While CDs and DVDs only emerged in popularity not that long ago, they are already seemingly being bypassed by MP3 and streaming. But instead of throwing them all in the dump or letting them collect dust, why not break them up, and then piece them back together? The shiny backs of the CDs can make for some stunning artwork if done right.

Skateboard Artwork


While you may not be a skateboarder, these boards have been gaining a bit of a reputation for being a great way to decorate. Once the wheels and trucks are off, and the drip tape is removed, it makes for a great base for home decor. People have created tables, sculptures, artwork, shelves, and more out of a skateboard deck.