Hidden Messages And Symbolism Throughout The Royal Family’s Wardrobe

When it comes to the royal family, it’s safe to say everything is planned out, right down to what type of shoes they’re going to wear for an event. But one thing many people don’t take into consideration is the reason behind some of the royal family’s wardrobe choices.

When it comes down to it, royal fashion, colors, prints, accessories, and sometimes even tiaras can have a significant meaning. For example, the Queen didn’t wear vibrant colors for the love of bright purple but rather to stand out in a crowd. And that’s not even the best-hidden meaning; there’s so much more.

Prince Harry’s Outfit Is a Bridge Between His Two Lives

The Commonwealth Service in March of 2020 was Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s final outing as senior royals. And, as such, Harry chose an outfit to symbolize two separate aspects of his life — his new beginning with Meghan, as well as his respect towards the Queen.

Prince Harry's Outfit Is a Bridge Between His Two Lives
Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

He opted for a powder blue tie, something that perfectly matched Queen Elizabeth’s attire. But, fans of the royals noticed that his jacket was lined emerald green, a color that perfectly matched his wife’s dress. Together, the two colors represent understanding, freedom, healing, and renewal. Considering the Duke and Duchess’ choice to leave their roles, the colors make perfect sense.