A Homeless Man’s Heroic Act Was Much More Sinister Than Anyone Expected

In a world with so many negative news stories, it is truly heartwarming to hear about people going out of their way to do nice things for each other. We all love to read about how one simple act of kindness can completely transform a life. That’s exactly what happened when a homeless man helped out a young woman in need.

But there’s always more than meets the eye. This heartwarming story has a much more sinister ending that no one could have predicted. Check out how one homeless man and a couple trying to return the favor didn’t exactly get what they bargained for.

A Dangerous Situation


It all began on a cold November night on Interstate 95. Kate McClure, 27, was driving from New Jersey to Philadelphia to visit an old friend when she realized she was out of gas.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere on the side of a cold, dark road, she figured her only way out was to walk to the nearest gas station.