A Rugby Player’s Life Changed Forever After He Was Dared To Eat A Slug

Former rugby player Sam Ballard sadly spent the last years of his life suffering, all because of a silly dare. In 2010, in Sydney, Australia, Ballard ate a slug on a dare and the act changed his life forever. He contracted a disease from a parasite in the slug that left him paralyzed for the remaining years of his life. Unfortunately, in November 2018, he passed away from his illness. See what happened to this once ordinary boy’s life and the consequences that came from what was thought to be an innocent dare.

The Bet

In 2010, 19-year-old rugby player Sam Ballard was tasting various types of red wine with his friend Jimmy Galvin and some of his other buddies. It wasn’t long before a slug was seen crawling across Galvin’s porch in Sydney, Australia, and a dare arose.

Eats the slug

Challenged by the other boys, Galvin put the slug in his mouth. The rugby player then swallowed the mollusk, unaware of the consequences he would suffer. Of course, nothing happened at first, but it would only be a matter of time before he would begin experiencing the first symptoms.