As Soon As This Couple’s Adoptive Triplets Were Born, They Received Unbelievable News

Sarah and Andy Justice didn’t have the most straightforward journey to becoming parents. After spending years trying to conceive, they went through a rollercoaster experience to become adoptive parents. Little did they know just how much their patience would pay off in the end. To top it off, they received unbelievable news as soon as their adoptive children were born. Read on to see how this Oklahoma couple ended up with the family of their dreams.

Ready To Take Their Relationship To The Next Step

The Justice’s were your average, happily married couple living in Oklahoma. After celebrating their three-year wedding anniversary, they knew that it was time to grow their family. Like many couples, they felt that a child would complete their household.

Andy-Sara Justice/Facebook
Andy-Sara Justice/Facebook

Sarah and Andy Justice were excited to embark on a new chapter in their lives. It seemed that conceiving a child would be a life-changing journey and they were ready for it. As it turned out, things wouldn’t go as planned.